A 4 out of 6 week

Well finally it’s Friday, last practice of the yoga week, another full Primary, so that’s a full Primary done on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, a just over half a primary on Monday and a crap practice on Wednesday. Apart from the abysmal morning backbends the rest of my practice is approaching the kind of level I was having in the evenings, my body is coming around to the idea it seems and I am still managing to wake up without an alarm or text.

The backbend situation is a worry, in the mornings I just don’t have the time to warm up with my criminal additions. So I have taken to doing 30 minutes when I get home at night of second series and hangbacks.

Doing the morning practice has meant not actually missing any days since I started, so I am probably doing more yoga than I was before, I did used to miss the odd evening for one reason or another. Obviously I only started this in order to watch the World Cup, but I am coming round to the idea of carrying on after 9th July (Sunday 11th is a Moon day).

The World Cup resumes tonight, I should be home for the second half of the Brazil v Holland match. I’s been quite good having the last 2 evenings World cup free, so that I could play with my new iphone 🙂 Another painful piriformis massage tomorrow morning, the left side of my back is very tight, really noticed it in Janu A for some reason, hopefully she will manage to undo it again.

We are not better for being yogis, but I couldn’t help thinking when I got to work, as the enormously fat guy in the workshop passed my office, about how I had got up at 5.30, practised yoga for nearly 2 hours, eaten my wheat free breakfast of toast and Granola, drunk my hot water, apple juice and tea. In that same time he had waddled to his car, driven to Mcdonalds for his breakfast, driven to work via the Bakers where he picks up a few sausage rolls for his morning snack. We have 3 food vans visit during the day, he buys something from each of them, he goes to the chippy at lunchtime and he goes to a fast food place at night for his dinner If I have a heart attack before he does, then I truly believe there is no justice in this world.


8 Responses to “A 4 out of 6 week”

  1. ragdoll Says:

    ‘I am coming round to the idea of carrying on after 9th July’
    Hurrah! Another convert to the joy of stupid o’clock in the morning!

    Your post about your work colleague has made me sad. Disordered eating like that is notoriously difficult to overcome. More so than the restrictive end of the spectrum, in some ways – not least because treatment & support is so hard to come by, and the DSM refuses to list them. These points are obviously closely linked.

    Please note that the difference between ‘disordered eating’ and ‘an eating disorder’ is important, to my mind – I am not diagnosing a clinical condition in a complete stranger over the internet!

  2. globie Says:

    Whether stupid o’clock is a joy in October when its dark outside and cold inside is another matter. These warm, sunny 3 weeks have made the whole experiment easier.

    The guy eats non stop, when he goes to the chippy and orders his fish and chips, he also buys a pie to eat on the way back, makes us laugh that he always has a Diet Coke.

  3. ragdoll Says:

    The flip side in winter is that it’s easier to go to be early!

  4. ragdoll Says:

    + d

  5. globie Says:

    I go to bed early anyway, I have been trying to go to bed by 10pm, to be up for 5.30am.

  6. ragdoll Says:

    I’m usually aiming for 9pm, which is currently exactly the time the sun’s shining fiercely into my bedroom.

    I seem to need loads of sleep.

  7. globie Says:

    I can sleep for 9 or 10 hours quite easily, so “surviving” on just 7.5 is a challenge, I could fall asleep quite easily by 3pm, though that could be due to boredom and a complete lack of motivation!

  8. Maria Says:

    finished work today – the unit i work in is winding down so got redundancy…. so my morning practise will be a much more leisurley 7am start for the next while……. 🙂 yey.. a new start a new chapter 🙂
    anyone know anywhere looking for a management consultant yoga teacher???????
    Come on the Netherlands…. love those orange shirts!

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