Stiff practice, but great new pastry shop!

Strange practice today, though it was noticeably not so warm at the Shala this Sunday, I was stiff and despite doing a complete practice I didn’t feel like it got going or that I gained any ease of flexibility. At least it just stayed the same and didn’t deteriorate, though having people around helps me keep going and stops me giving up or cutting it short as would be the temptation at home. Left alone for most of practice, only help in standing was UHP, which I was grateful for, Mel has a way of making the non standing leg elongate, which for me made it easier to straighten the standing leg. My Hamstrings and hips were tight, though maybe having massage yesterday had something to do with it, weird though as last week I was much bendier. Every practice is different, whatever.

Seated I tried to get some momentum and energy by jumping back in the vinyasas, but there just seemed to be a kind of  heaviness, nothing to do with the 2 Wispa’s I had during the football yesterday! My back was ok, it was my legs that ached, especially in the forward bends.  My second assist of the day came in Marichyasana C, nice deep twist, I am sure that was what made it possible for me to bind Mari D on my own. Even on a day when practice lacks any feeling of ease I still managed Supta Kurmasana and lifted out with my feet just about staying behind my head, but even doing a posture I really enjoy like that felt slothfull.

Pasasana was fun today, with Mel’s help I managed to grab my fingers and get my heals down, not that I could have stayed there without her support, but it was nice to do that on a day when practice felt hard. Surprisingly OK Urdva Dhanurasanas, having only done crap ones during the week at home I didn’t expect much. As practice felt inert, heavy and tiring, I had been considering skipping hang/drop back experiments, but after the UD’s I thought I may as well try, the hang backs were quite good and Mel came and assisted me up and down 3 times then the cross arm half way thing, after which my back was killing me, I think it was me vigorously rubbing it that made Mel decide for me, that perhaps that was enough for today!

Savasana is the only time I appreciate the sunshine, 10 minutes of well deserved rest. All practice is good I suppose, but being as I only get to the Shala once a week it feels like I have to wait too long to have another go to put it right when I don’t have a particularly good one, practice at home is not the same. Next week is Moon day, so 2 weeks until I get there again.

Yogis breakfast today, great when we all get together after practice, the 7 of us  went somewhere new (for me) today, a kind of antique shop with a Cafe called Hurwundeki, I can recommend the Pain au Chocolat and the tea’s not bad either. 7 yogi’s having what ended up being a 4 hour breakfast in the sunshine. My social life seems to exist more and more in and around the yoga community these days, we have to socialise round breakfast because we all go to bed so early to be up for practice in the morning!

I had a bit of a worrying journey home, when I got to Euston it said my train home was at 54 past, so I went up to the concourse, then on the big board I  thought I saw my town listed on a train leaving at 34 past from a remote platform, it was now 32 past, I ran, managing to jump on as the doors closed and the train pulled out. Then I got worreid as the train sped through Wembley, Harrow, Bushey and Watford without stopping, oh shit am I going to Birmingham, eeeeeuuuk, am not a fan of Brum, as far as I am concerned the only good thing about Birmingham is the road out of it. KL and Apsley went past the window, now I was worried, then it started to slow down and it stopped at the station before mine, a quick enquiry to find that we would be stopping at my town, phew, but at least it was a fast journey home.


6 Responses to “Stiff practice, but great new pastry shop!”

  1. susananda Says:

    Ah nice, a morning at Hurwundeki… awesome place I discovered totally by accident. Quirky! Sorry I missed it.

  2. globie Says:

    I had no idea what Hurwundeki was, great find, will go again I hope. Shame you missed it, quite a gathering with Emil & Mel joining us and Helen and Amanda. We left a space for you yesterday.

  3. susananda Says:

    Thank you! I practised at 10pm last night! slept late this morning, home practice and another day off (but teaching 3x). Really need to sort out my schedule… drop some classes and make it to shala every day! And breakfast!!!

  4. globie Says:

    At least you are getting a few long weekends, that’s nice. Yes you should definitley be joining us for breakfast. 10pm that’s late for a Sunday, at least you practice at home when you don’t make it to the Shala. I managed up to navasana and closing this morning.

  5. daydreamingmel Says:

    Yes it’s thanks to you Susan that we ended up there, just sorry you couldn’t join us too :/

  6. LIVE Says:

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