Encyclopedia’s are not blocks!

I have managed to get up the last 2 mornings at that incredibly early time of 5:45 and get on my mat, Monday I got as far as Navasana and then closing, today I got to Bhujapidasana then closing. I seem to be slowing down again, running out of time, having to decide between finishing seated or doing closing. The last 2 mornings my backbends have looked more like Urdva Dhanurasana, which is an improvement at least. I am practising consistently even if I am consistently failing to do the whole practice, but at least I have been able to practice and watch the World Cup at night without feeling guilty for not having practised.

AC has cracked standing up from backbend, she learned by graduating from bolsters to blocks to the floor in about a week! This has made me even more determined to crack this, last night I decided to have a backbend fest, starting off with all the illegal stuff, hangbacks etc, then doing Urdva Dhanurasana, walking in, then trying to unglue my hands from the mat. Then I tried walking my hands onto my block, I only have one block, that didn’t feel right, so I found an encyclopedia the same depth as the block and tried that, so that I could have a hand on each, only slight problem was that the block stayed put, but the book slid out, I need another block! Using the paraphernalia seems to allow the student to try and stand and find what needs to engage on their own, rather than being hauled up by  teacher all the time.

The predicting Octopus in Hannover says Spain are going to beat Germany, it has been right every time so far.


10 Responses to “Encyclopedia’s are not blocks!”

  1. V Says:

    Oh they will. They always make it to the finals and then lose.

  2. globie Says:

    If I hear that someone has been doing cartwheels round AYL on Monday we will know Spain won the world cup!

  3. Ragdoll Says:

    I have a lot of (possibly too much!) faith in that wise old Octopus.

  4. V Says:

    To be honest, I couldn’t care less.

  5. Maria Says:

    I’m with that octopus!!!!! Viva l’Espagna!!!

  6. susiegb Says:

    Funnily enough I want Germany to win! In the replay I saw of the Germany-Argentina match they were stunning!

  7. Gumbomum Says:

    My husband is very excited about the octopus prediction. Although he is rather convinced Spain will break his heart in the end…

  8. Globie Says:

    Germany have the best team and I think probably deserve to win it. Apart from David villa Spain have been disappointing

  9. StEvE Says:

    Are you rocking when you’ve dropped back? It really helps, especially when you do it frequently and get more & more control & confidence; so much so that your fingers start to peel off the floor. When that happens, you’re a gnats-inhale away from returning to standing.

  10. globie Says:

    Hi Steve, once down I walk my hands in then try to rock, but can’ seem to get any momentum.

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