After the abortive, not to mention dangerous attempt at using an encyclopedia as a yoga block I decided to try a packaging company over the road we use. ” No problem, what size do you want?” asks the man, 10 minutes later he calls to say they are ready. They are made out of polyunsomething or other, not the foam that most yoga blocks are made of and are actually a bit slippy.

I tried pushing up on them from Urdva Dhanurasana, but it’s hard getting them in the right place and then my hands slid across the tops. Plan B have them against the door, then dropping back down the door on to them, saving my wrist from a crash landing dropback, but getting a deeper bend in my back, still they are slippy, despite not being able to go anywhere, I eventually found the solution is to wrap my Yogitoes mat around them, but they do not seem to be the “stand up panacea” I was hoping for, my hands still seem to be glued to the floor/block with no way of lifting or pushing off into the rocking motion I need to have to even try to stand up.

It was another “Wednesday” practice today, I ploughed through to Marichyasana A, but I was stiff and my lower back was really aching, I decided rather than abandon practice to do some freestyle hip opening and bridges to fill in the time until breakfast, so not really what i would consider a “proper” practice.

Come on Germany


9 Responses to “Blocks!”

  1. susananda Says:

    Could you cover them in some kind of non-slippy fabric with a staple gun?? Or order a bolster! They are heavenly to lie on in any case, every home should have one : )

  2. globie Says:

    Yes I need to cover them, though rolling them up in my yogitoes mat seemed to work. umm order a bolster. Also wont one of those silver balls like you have!

    I actually wrote this blog on my phone but couldn’t work out how to get the thing to publish.

  3. Skippetty Says:

    Why don’t you use good old fashioned yoga blocks? LOL!

    And Paul the Octopus says Spain’s gonna win unfortunately. Although the hardcore Dutch football fans want Germany in the final too. To “right the wrong from World Cup 1974.” Like… er… Okaaaaay.

  4. globie Says:

    Nothing wrong in ’74, Dutch get a penalty in first minute, dutch give away penalty when Rainer Bonhof is ruhlessly tripped by dirty dutch defending which Paul Breitner scores, before Der Bomber Gerd Muller pops up to score the winner. Another dutch capitulation. I do think they were robbed in ’78 by the Argies. Showing my age now as I can remember both world cups like they were yesterday!

  5. Skippetty Says:

    …I think the wrong from ’74 is that the just didn’t win. Hahaha.

    Great memory, by the way. My jaw is still on the floor.

  6. Skippetty Says:


  7. Skippetty Says:

    PS. Germany – 1. Spain – 0. Here:

  8. globie Says:

    ’74 was the first World cup I watched, saw every match running home from school for the 4pm kick offs, different back then, I remember Uruguay playing Holland match, the only thing that didn’t get kicked was the ball!

    No love lost between Germany and Holland with football. Just lucky it’s not being played in Europe if Germany do upset the Octopus odds. Dutch and German fans know how to fight!

  9. susiegb Says:

    I’ve only watched (or even been aware of!) the World Cup since Australia got into it last time! We’re always getting ‘robbed’ by the referee – or that’s everyone’s opinion here Nothing to do with being a small nation, with ‘soccer’ competing against 3 other (more popular) football codes here, etc etc! 🙂

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