Blown it!

My run of early morning pre brekky practice came to an end this morning, I had managed to do it every day for a month, having started on Monday 7th June. This morning I woke up at 05:38, faffed around, got on my mat at 05:50 and tried to start, OMG my lower back was killing me, it felt locked, I stretched up then went forward, but my hands barely made it to my knees, never mind the floor, it was horrible, no way, back under the duvet until 07:45. I think the evening backbend experiments, when I have probably not been warmed up enough have taken their toll. I really want my dropbacks back and of course to stand up again, I had high hopes for the block experiment, but the gulf between my hopes and lifes reality is a chasm.

 I plan to try again this evening, no World Cup matches today, and I hope to make it out of bed in the morning too, then I wont feel guilty about doing my criminal 4pm Friday night excursion into 2nd, going beyond my quite legal Pasasana!


5 Responses to “Blown it!”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Love to see you soooooooo committed. Patience……I have it too.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Kevin, I wouldn’t say you’ve ‘blown it’ at all! You’ve done incredibly well! Amazingly so. I still struggle with self practice most days! &i’m just learning to accept that some days are better than others and some days..i just need to sit and be quiet (body and mind). Maybe when you’re really tight you could try to meditate?

  3. globie Says:

    Thanks Jen,

    Some days it just doesn’t happen, especially when you are not surrounded by the motivation of other yogi’s at a Shala. I did practice in the evening instead and then blew it again this morning!

  4. StEvE Says:

    I don’t reckon you’ve blown it at all. It’s only one practice in, what, about 30? The extra-curricula evening back bends probably aren’t helping though. How about just restorative stuff in the evenings, or nothing at all? That’ll probably leave you more up for a vinyasa practice in the morning.

    If you’re concerned about back-sliding instead of back-bending, you could do what a lot of the books and media suggest & count Urdhva Danurasana as your first posture when finishing i.e. doing it no matter where you’ve had to break away from the series. If the thought of a full Urdva D. makes you shudder, then take 10 or 15 breaths holding the ankles and walking your shoulders under. That’s a great primer to the full posture and even Sharath does that.

    The main thing though, don’t bail out just because it was hard going today. We all get days when we turn to stone!

  5. globie Says:

    Thanks Steve,

    I do usually do little ankle grabbing bridges before I decide if Urdva Dhanurasana is going to happen, in the mornings my back is still stiff even when I have done a fullish practice. Doing practice in the morning feels like a race.

    During the early part of World cup I hardly did anything in the evenings, but once it got to a stage of a game only every few days I have been doing some practice at night again, mainly backbends to try and make up for the morning. Susan suggested more passive types of backbends at night, hanging off the bed etc

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