Making up for the morning, though blew it again this morning!

After an extremely tedious day at the Labour camp I really wanted to practice when i got home. Though note to self


It turned out to be a very long practice indeed, even though I didn’t faff much between poses,  I did send and receive the odd text during the Marichyasanas! See above, there was a even a text from teacher telling me I was a “bad man” for texting during practice LOL.

Anyway it was a very full 2 & 1/2 hours  practice, nothing missed out, all the inbetween vinyasas. Closing ended up being so looooong, 5 x Urdva Dhanurasana, including non happening block experiments, then some hang backs, though my lower back didn’t seem to get any more open, its really sore and tight the last 3 days. I usually enjoy hanging out in Halasana, but my lower back angst made that and Matsyasana, Uttan P a bit of a trial. That’s the first full practice I have managed since Sunday at the Shala.

It certainly tired me out, I slept from 10pm right round to 7.30am this morning, so obviously that’s 2 days in a row I have blown, but I finish early today so plan to practice when I get home, though what kind o practice I have yet to decide, my back is sore.

Practice at TLC in the morning, London is supposed to be up to 29c tomorrow, so I’m hoping for a hot, sweaty, bendy practice before we float off in the afternoon.

ps I forgot to mention that last nights practice had some strange distractions, it was a very warm evening, windows were open, sounds were carrying, though 2 sounds were so different, the first just as I began to practice was a couple a few houses along having an explosive arguement, screaming, yelling, stuff being thrown, then suddenly it went quiet, during the lull my neighbour started singing nursery rhymes to her year old baby, don’t know if the rowing couple had woken the baby up, but it’s the first time I have heard H sing to her son and what an absolutely fantastic voice she has, it was a real surprise, lyrical, tuneful, wonderful


4 Responses to “Making up for the morning, though blew it again this morning!”

  1. ragdoll Says:

    ‘that’s 2 days in a row I have blown’

    The word ‘blown’, the implication that you’ve somehow ruined the day, is *exactly* the kind of language and thinking that I pick up on in others because I’m so aware of it in myself. Focus on the positive!

    This comment was brought to you by Hypocrites R Us.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Rosy,

    Its more the accumulation of “blow outs” that worries me, the more it happens, the more likely it is to happen, especially when the motivation has to be self generated.

    Sleeping or yoga are fine, the day gets ruined at 8.30 as I enter the door of Nepotism UK Ltd.

  3. Gumbomum Says:

    Texting during practice? That’s a new one!

    iPhones are hard to resist, though. I fully understand.

  4. globie Says:

    Only in reply to a text that arrived. Have yet to email or blog mid practice “Just done a crap Mari D” LOL

    I never wanted an iphone, then I got to play with Susan’s, now I can’t put the thing down.

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