What a lovely way to spend a summers day

One of those truly lovely days, yoga, food, good  company, sunshine, floating, yes even I can float, the one whose swimming efforts have about as much chance of succeeeding as a 1 ton lump of concrete. Started the morning at TLC, despite my very aching lower back I managed a reasonable Primary series, lots of nice adjustments from Philippa in the forward bends helping to stretch my back out in a gentle way. I was a little worried when only 4 people started that my back would get over adjusted, but it actually turned out to be the best thing for it. I needed help in Mari C & D, twisting into the lower back wasn’t wonderful, but Supta K rocked surprisingly, legs behind head lift out, even a genuine attempt at Titibhasana, Bakasana, jump back, splat, teacher laughs, I just pant for breath. Backbends were a non event, a few bridges and one awful attempt at pushing up into Urdva Dhanurasana no way a step too far, really glad when P squished me flat in Paschimottanasana. Despite my back I was glad I practised, just the right way to start my day.

Fruit stall

Granola Stall- much more my type of delight

Hopped the tube across to Borough where the rest of our day was going to happen, scorching sunshine, so nice to walk around London in shorts and a T-shirt, wandering around looking for post yoga brekky, Maria’s Cafe supplying just what I needed, before being joined by Mel and Susan in the Cathedral Garden.

Picnic in the Cathedral Garden

The reason for meeting up south of the river was for our appointment at Floatworks, something we had talked about doing and then thought why not. The blurb promises stress relief, relaxation, help with injuries among other things. Down in the bowels of this non descript building we are shown to our individual orange flotation tanks, they come with an inflatable headrest, earplugs, spray bottle in case you get salt in the eyes, a light, lid control and a panic button.

Flotation Tank

Years ago I floated in the Dead Sea in Jordan, all I remember is being cold and the stinging sensation where the salt found open cuts, taking the obligatory photo and getting the hell out. This was a very much better experience, once laying flat you press the button to close the lid, having a light on is optional, music plays for 10 minutes, then silence ensues for the next 45. I started off with the head rest, but my head kept hitting the top, so I abandoned that and decided to try and trust, laying back slowly so as not to splash water in my eyes, I’m floating its a weird sensation in not much over a foot of water filled with Epsom salts. I decide Savasana is probably the pose to take, hands up, hands down I can’t quite work out which is best, I allow my legs to float apart, its not like Savasana on my mat, my legs are higher than my back it seems, the music stops, I begin to let go and realise some time later that I have drifted off. When I come to I play a game of moving my back which is feeling relaxed, not like it feels now as I type, laterally moving from one side of my pod to the other, then suddenly the music starts again, the cue that my time is up. It really was relaxing and my aching back felt better, as for stress relief until the Management install one at the Labour Camp I’m not sure, but I enjoyed my hour and would go again.

The Wobbly Bridge and St Pauls

After the hour it was time to enter the real world again, the sun was still beaming down, a lovely walk along the south bank just beyond the bridge to a park in front of Tate Modern. Time just passed, chat, yoga demo’s, a drink, fruit, yes fruit again, though how people can say they are sweet is beyond me. But a lovely couple of hours watching the world go by.

Enjoying the sun

Summer is so sporadic, we picked a super day to be out and about, I love it when a plan comes together, its people that make things special and I was graced with 2 lovely yogini’s to spend the day with before heading home to watch the world cup, I saw this one in a Pattiserie made out of cake.

Once home I saw my reflection, OMG my face is red from the sun!

World Cup cake


3 Responses to “What a lovely way to spend a summers day”

  1. susananda Says:

    Next time we’ll bring sugar for the strawberries! 🙂

  2. ragdoll Says:

    Am I the only person sniggering like a 12 year old at that world cup cake?!

    Your weekend does sound fantastic – the weather up here was very different. Still warm, but humid and breezy.

  3. globie Says:

    Still rather have a Battenburg!

    Saturday was a lovely day. Sunday was weird being Moon day, the Shala was closed and we had helicopters going over from 7:45am to the Grand Prix.

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