Back to evenings

The World Cup is over and I seem to have defaulted back to my normal evening practice routine. I did get up at 5:45am on Monday, having had the Sunday Moon day off, but my back was so rigid, I ended up going only to Prasarita, then some hip openers and other stuff before abandoning to Savasana. Having done a month of morning practice I have had to conclude that the evenings are better for me, the mornings did have the advantage of an empty stomach, quiet mind and the satisfaction of having done a practice, it served a purpose. But the counter points were the stiffness, having to rush, mentally knowing the seated postures in particular could be so much better and my nemesis at present Backbends. Over the month the backbends never got going, I didn’t have the time to open up my back and they became a trial of mind over body, culminating in trying to do backbends for 30 minutes at night and straining my lower back with the block experiment.

Monday evening I decided to practice at 8pm, my lower back is improving, it ended up being a very slow and deliberate practice, it lasted nearly 2 hours, but I still only got to Bhujapidasana. I was hoping all those vinyasas would bring some movement or at least ease into my lower back, but no, so I ended up doing little bridges and the rest of closing, but it was nice to practice without the pressure of time.

Not finishing practice until nearly 10pm meant I slept through any dreams of morning yoga on Tuesday, I almost even missed breakfast. Last night I started at 7.30 with the intention of going to Bhuja again and to try and do more backbends. In the Surya’s I began to notice that although my back was aching in Upward dog, that when I came up into Downward, that if I came up more on my toes, then planted my feet this seemed to release my back. My lower back doesn’t seem to like the first side of Trikonasana, though it does all the others including the revolved versions? I seemed to get to Navasana quite quickly, even binding all the Mari’s, Bhuja came and I just decided to keep going, figuring I need to get a few Supta K’s in before Sunday, Cary is back from Mysore and is rumoured to have a new Supta K adjustment! Not having done one since Saturday it wasn’t very deep, but it was bound, so alls good.

So we come to backbends, time for a bit of extracaricular Salabhasana and Ustrasana, before doing Urdva Dhanurasana for the first time in nearly a week, Skippetty’s pancake anaology was right, the first 2 are crap, then they get better, but at least I did them, even if I couldn’t walk my hands in much.  There is a temptation, well there is for me to do Paschimottanasana and then Savasana after backbends, it takes a mental effort to go through the shoulderstand sequence, then Sirsasana on my sunburned head etc before finally the joy of Savasana, a well deserved Savasana. Another 2 hour practice, but at least it was a complete practice, done without rushing.


4 Responses to “Back to evenings”

  1. Maria Says:

    hey kevin
    where do u guys practise on sunday mornings?
    i may be over in august for a few days

  2. Globie Says:

    Hi Maria,
    We practice at Yoga Place, Bethnal Green Road. It’s 100m.walk from Bethnal Green tube

  3. susiegb Says:

    I’ll be there in October – for at least one Sunday morning – and hopefully a group yogi breakfast afterwards! (You can see where my priorities lie!!!)

  4. globie Says:

    Hey Susie,

    That’s great, if you need any help just get in touch.

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