More consistent at night

If consistency is a measure then it seems evenings are the way to go, I have done a full practice Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday and half primary on Monday. Last nights practice began to the accompaniment of thunder and lightening crashing outside, by the time I finished it was dark.

Although I did it all it seemed to take more effort to drag myself through the vinyasas, it was a cooler evening too which meant poses where a bit of sweat helps like Supta K were not as deep as I know they can be. My lower back is getting better, I tried taking longer in Upward Dog to try and let it release and relax, which was good for my back but meant it took me 70 minutes to get to Navasana. I am going to have to seriously speed up at the Shala on Sunday, otherwise Cary will have locked up long before I get anywhere near finishing.

I decided to add back in Pasasana and some hang backs, first side of Pasasana was very uncomfortable on the lower back, it was always the worse side anyway, the second side does not seem to have regressed and feels ok, though alas not bound. Hangbacks after Urdva Dhanurasana need time, not the semi smooth hinge feeling, more like something cranking open notch by notch.


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