Not as good today.

The day didn’t start well, the train was late and I was doing mental calculations about if I could get to the Shala in time or need to bail out to AYL, I have an “app” now at least which tells me which tube lines are working, though I now have some other distractions on my new iphone 🙂 , I loaded some music and have my favourite “Bejewelled” game, the only “app” I have paid for so far! The tube gods were on my side, though I did a lot of sprinting, finally got to the Shala at 8.15 puffed and stressed.

My hamstrings were not impressed with all those Surya forward bends after the running, I was glad when they were done, I prefer to stretch out gradually in Padahastasana. Despite there only being 4 others doing practice I actually got very little assistance or adjustment today, maybe after 7 weeks she is still seeing where I am, but usually she is on my case for something. UHP assist was quite gentle, the only other assist was my hand position in Parvakonasana.

Practice began to feel like wading through treacle, a heavyness that wasn’t there yesterday, I noticed my jump backs were not as strong, but after a deep assist in Mari A I again managed to bind all the others. Maybe my Supta K does pass muster these days, I felt her watching but no intervention, its funny but I had been looking forward to her new assist that has been the Shala talk this week, but she left me to my own devices. I just had that feeling of wanting it done after Supta K. The good old bum balances are improving, I’m still rubbish at the coming up and over part, but once up, my legs are beginning to straighten, I think Ubhaya now looks mostly like it should.  After yesterday’s nice assist in my new asana Pasasana, I was hoping help would arrive today, I am beginning to balance a little better and my fingers are oh so close, I just can’t twist that smidge more and keep the balance to bind my own fingers, but again no help was forthcoming, I am beginning to wonder if I have done something to upset her.

How can 2 days be so different, Urdva Dhanurasana was soo bloody hard today, the first one was virtually straight up and down but I managed 3 more and tried to walk in, then stood up and did hangback experiments hoping that my back would release that bit more as it did yesterday and allow for a dropback, I could see the floor, but I just didn’t feel open, and alas again no help arrived until I was in Paschimottanasana.

At least I did practice, that’s 5 full ones in the last 6 days, so I am keeping the consistency. I know my practice is far from perfect and could be so much  better, but I do wonder about the sense in buying train tickets and paying for practice when I don’t get any help, especially with Pasasana and backbends, I appreciate when its busy, but today there were only 4 of us.


9 Responses to “Not as good today.”

  1. susananda Says:

    What tube app do you have?

    I’ll just repeat what I said earlier, ask for the help you want. No idea why she’s leaving you alone, but there could be all sorts of reasons. However, I’m pretty sure you haven’t done anything to upset her, she really isn’t one to get upset over stupid things and let it affect her teaching! Seriously, talk to her about it…

  2. daydreamingmel Says:

    Hi Kev, I found that the first practice back with C after her trip she hardly gave any adjustments. Then the days that followed, the help & guidance that came was significant and practice-altering. I can understand your frustration to not get much help when you only have weekend access but maybe for some reason it was what you needed today.

    Also am reminded of something my Bikramite friend says: “It’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect”. Whose practice is EVER perfect?

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Susan,
    app I have is called “Tube Status” its free. I’ll ask next week if she doesn’t appear.

    Hi Mel,
    I suppose that’s the problem I have to wait another week, I could understand if I was new, but she’s been adjusting me for 2 years and I don’t think my practice has changed much if at all in the 7 weeks since I last saw her. When she adjusts and advises it gives my practice impetus and inspiration during the following week at home, there is usually something to work on that stops it being a situation of “going thru the motions”

    No practice is perfect, but as Reluctant Ashtangi said earlier I just want to fail better!

  4. daydreamingmel Says:

    I also think she is still slightly in India…body is here….I’m not joking, when I walked in on her first day back she didn’t recognise me at first!! Don’t take it to heart, some days you feel like you barely do one asana without adjustment, other days it’s just doesn’t come (but as Susan said, if you need help, ask!).
    But it’s like me & my £35 adjustment-free mysore practice with the famous teacher!

  5. globie Says:

    Having got used to her strong and regular assists, its a shock to plough through in my own little world with virtually no assists or comments, some days I need an adjustment just to bring me out of my bubble and back into the present and the practice, I could veg out in Janu B for minutes at a time!

    Talking of the famous one have you signed up yet?

  6. daydreamingmel Says:

    Don’t you remember my email this week with the tick-list? 😉 I am doing Friday night & both on saturday.
    Nothing wrong with staying in your bubble!! Though no way would it be Janu B for me, it gives me bruises in just 5 breaths! Must remember to ask about that tomorrow…

  7. globie Says:

    Yes remember the e-mail but thought maybe you would join us on Sunday too, there are spaces.
    I get lazy in my bubble, I need a prod from the outside world now and again, Halasana I could fall asleep in, if ever there was a no effort required pose that’s it!

  8. daydreamingmel Says:

    Nope, I’m going to stick with my almost private sunday with C I think (if you two are missing…). No comment on effort-free halasana!!

  9. globie Says:

    You will be doing Supta K without help by then. Halasana is easy peasy, I can’t believe it counts, or have it been doing it wrong all these years.
    BTW Waitrose had one Village Bakery left on Saturday, so I have sarnies 🙂

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