A Headwompasana week

Practice and life seem to have gone back into their places, though I am still not sure I like the place that life occupies, on a couple of Shala’s mates recommendation I just bought this book from amazon for 1p, so at least if I find it too much or too heavy it’s no great loss, but maybe just maybe it will help me start to try and make sense of what it is I want and where I want to go instead of feeling like I am casting around in a Treacle swamp looking for the exit. H has recommended another book too, books are all very well but my spirits are more uplifted by the real Shala and Cyber shala community, flanked again by Susan and Jen today, their quiet presence settles me.

After Monday’s moon day I have practised every day, though not full primary every day, mainly because I have gone back to making more effort with my backbends, which lead via a comment I made on Facebook to how this post got its title. I am getting back over the fear factor of dropbacks and working on the technicalities, I realise that when they happen  that my upper back is bending before I register a real backward movement, that I am starting to go back and my hips are going forward of their own accord and I have a degree of control until the too late point. It’s realising when the too late point is upon me which resulted in Thursday’s 3 crash head landings in a row, ouch… Friday and Saturday were marginally better, mainly because I did a bit of “warming up” ie Salabhasana, Ustrasana etc and at least managed to land a couple each day without seeing stars and avoiding the Headwompasana, for which Wayne suggested this years yoga accessory of a head cushion, though I am still veering towards taking a cycle helmet to the Shala, I can just see the look on Cary’s face as I type that!

A very full practice today at the Shala, left alone in standing until UHP, though fortunately she didn’t go for the vertical splits adjustments today. Seated back to being picked up on what I think are little things, the foot position in Paschimottanasana and the Janusirsasanas. I had done Baddha Konasana, but got the little tap on the shoulder to do it again, this time with a squishing, made me realise my back must have been well rounded on the first one as with help I got my chin to the floor. I thought my Ubhya had been getting better, well I can arse balance for more than 2 seconds now with pretty straight legs, but today I got an Ubhya lesson, though it wasn’t until I got Cary to show me what mine looked like that I appreciated what she was saying.

Pasasana is coming, it seemed to have gone into hibernation the last couple of weeks along with my mind, but I felt like I was just so close to binding today, especially on the second side. Again a case of Cary have me come back and do a posture again when I was moving to the next, but today she got my fingers to join, well one pair did, she then said I needed 3 pairs to bind and somehow they did, but this posture wipes me out in the way that Supta Kurmasana used to, resulting in a mini childs pose to regain my equilibrium. Also a quick de-drishte to watch Susan’s incredible Kapotasana.

Urdva Dhanurasana didn’t feel as strong today, seemingly much more physical and mental effort required to push up, managed 4 before standing up and collecting my headwompasana equipment, I had planned to go to the back wall  and warm up with hang backs, but the wall was full, so I had to stay put. My back wasn’t as open today, I did manage to dropback, my hands narrowly winning the race with my head, but Cary had watched and came over to have me do them with assistance, at least I had done one on my own, which from a confidence point of view was more important than how it looked to me at least. 3 down and up, cross arms half way, then a very deeply assisted backbend, noises came out before I reached half way it was just so intense. On landing I found my hands were too wide, thinking now perhaps that’s why the ones I have done home alone have been crashes, I need straighter arms, but alos narrower arms.

A very intense but satisfying practice, followed by a 3 hour yogi breakfast, before heading home to stick my mats in the machine before I go off to Stockholm on Friday. While pegging the mats out I happened to notice the flowers in the tubs.

If you have a spare minute please hop over to my friend Iona’s cheese blog, she would like you to vote on which label you like best, you just have to put a dot in the box of the one that takes your fancy.

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