Stockholm stress free

I know its tempting fate to write a title like that, but this has been one of the easiest journeys I have done in years. No volcano’s, train into London was on time, the Piccadilly Line didn’t break down at Ealing, no long queue at the bag drop, the flight left and landed on time, the baggage came in minutes, I walked out of Arlanda Airport and the Flybus was waiting to take me into the city. A 35 minute trip into central Stockholm, into the metro to get my 7 day pass, the fabulously efficient lady behind the counter asked me where my hotel was, once I found the address she told me which train to get and even which carriage to get in so that I would be near the correct exit.TFL take note, come and learn how to run a tube properly. A 5 minute walk from the metro and here I am in my very scandinavian IKEA decorated room, it doesn’t have a window as my room is below ground level, but it has a bathroom, bed, big TV and free internet access and my kettle worked when I plugged it in. I have everything I need, well now I need a rest because although I havn’t done much today I’m tired and I have to be on my mat at 9am as Dena calls Ekum.

3 Responses to “Stockholm stress free”

  1. tracy Says:

    sounds Perfect! Enjoy your time there!

  2. StEvE Says:

    Yes, have a great time. Stockholm is beautiful. I stayed there in a floating youth hostel once. It’s probably no longer there now as that was many years ago. I also remember that almost all of the taxis were Mercedes right? Amazing place.

  3. globie Says:

    Thanks Tracy.

    Hi SteveStockholm is a pretty city, where everything works. The floating hostels are still at Slussen, though as I get older I like more comfort!

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