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First day of the workshop with Dena here in Stockholm. Only about 24 people on the 2nd group starting at 9am. The first group start at 6am, presumably many of those will have to go to work after. No thoughts of work for me, just a week of practice and chilling. I was planning to laze in the park after practice, but it’s raining.

AshtangaShala Stockholm

Practice began with pranyama, makes a nice change to have time for a proper quietening of the mind, but how did she know my mind had diverted to Croissants, when she told us to “bring the mind back from whatever it was thinking about” do I have mini croissants floating in my eyes. Our seates positions were inspected, bolsters and blankets placed under bums, she said if the seat isn’t even, then we begin to sink and slump and pretty quickly our mind will leave the breath to begin asking the “how much longer until we can move?”

By the time we actually started to move I was stiff again, the first Surya made the hamstrings scream, it was like I hadn’t practised for a week and not just 2 days. Practice was long and slow, just as well as I felt like I had to reactivate everything. Trikonasana she told us to jump and not step, saying we don’t jump enough as adults and its jumping in a controlled way that strengthens the knees for all the things we try to make them do in practice. “Don’t look down, the mat wont move, jump up using your anus”. Anus jumping is the new vinyasa!

Ashtanga Stockholm

Ashtanga Stockholm

Seated was a slow process, she talked about the jumping back and through, how if we don’t try we are not giving our body the opportunity to grow and progress.How it doesn’t matter what it looks like as everyone is too wrapped up in their own practice to care. Chaturangas were held and we took care with everything. So different to just turning up at practice and flying through the sequence, thinking about everything, strangely hypnotic, I found the croissants disappeared and my mind was in the practice, she makes it intense without realising. Marichyasanas done in stages, only going for the binds as a last stage if that was appropriate for us today.  She told us not to strive, just to be ok with where our body was today, where it is is todays perfection. Two and a half hours later Navasana, then backbends, again done in stages, closing and Savasana and chanting. My yoga needs this lesson every so often, reminders of little things that should come naturally by now, but don’t. I will be glad to practice to my own speed in the coming days.

The Hotel has breakfast until 2pm on the weekend, just as well as I couldn’t possibly have eated the delicious Swedish meatballs, crispy bacon, Rye rolls, Muesli, Juice and non stop tea before getting on my mat, oh and they have proper sugar rocks as well 🙂

Sugar rocks


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