Day 2 Rebalancing?

Peaceful grafitti in the T-Bana

A practice that felt good today, love the Shala heat, as somone said after “there isn’t a dry bit of me!”. Standing was led by Dena, but a much faster pace than yesterday, my mat was a lake in minutes as the rivers seemed to pour from everywhere. Dena adjusted my Trikonasana, homing in on a point in my lower spine that was sticking out, quietly saying “Your spine is out”, after practice I asked her about this, she said she hasn’t noticed it before, its quite pronounced, but it could be because things have been changing, she said my practice is good, but its like I need rebalancing, not just in practice but in life off the mat. Makes you wonder if yoga teachers have some kind of 6th sense the way things have been the last few weeks.

After standing we were on our own, a very nice practice, though I suppose my body expects it on a Sunday, all the Mari’s bound and a quite lovely Supta K, considering I havn’t done one since last Wednesday, it just seemed really easy in that heat, managed to lift with my feet behind my head, nice to be left alone for that one. I was so slithery I almost got my arms through for Garbha, but got beached and had to unravel myself. Seated after a led standing somehow seems easier, I don’t know why, not thinking just doing.

Pasasana on my own to start with then with assistance, another approach, Jack had me ground my feet then go for the twist before helping me to bind and then stay there, it felt quite grounded 🙂

The best part of this is having time, being able to take an extra breath or 2 if you suddenly realise there is a space to move further into, time for backbends, starting with bridges then 4 x Urdva Dhanurasana, though so glad of my yogitoes mat, each one was stronger. Stood up and started to play around hanging back, after a few minutes I could see the floor, so grabbed a crash blanket and managed 2 dropbacks on my own, though I am still landing too far back, help then arrived and another 3 assisted dropbacks, though I was getting a little dizzy for some reason.

Would one of these help my backbends?

But practice was good, yesterday felt a bit like prizing everything open, today everything felt more spacious. Though I think I’m going to need arm bands if every Savasana is going to be done in a lake.

The days are taking a shape now, up at 7:15 for tea, shower and a stretch, leave at 8, easy metro ride to practice, home again at 11:45 for a shower, breakfast, email and a blog, mainly because I need to write my thoughts while they are fresh. It’s not raining today, I think I’ll go out.


4 Responses to “Day 2 Rebalancing?”

  1. Ragdoll Says:

    Glad you’re back in love with it all again, and that you got there with the minimum of stress. Practice each morning and exploring the rest of the day sounds like a wonderful way of life.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi R,

    Life off the mat still needs addressing, but life on the mat in these conditions is great. Practice has a definitive place this week, what happens after just happens, walking, reading, thinking.

  3. ragdoll Says:

    Sounds perfect. I hope that the break will help you focus on how to improve things back in your daily life at home.

    BTW, when I was on my holiday I had the random thought that if the only reason you don’t have a cat right now is because of the long term committment, you could see if local centres are looking for foster ‘parents’.

  4. Globie Says:

    Hi Rosy
    Didn’t even know it was possible to foster a cat, though I think it would be hard (for me) not to become very attached to it and have to give it back.

    This week makes me even surer that practice is what keeps the wheels turning back in the real world

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