Day 3 – Laughing not frowning

She's got drishte!

I think that book is having an effect without me realising it, despite it being a day with a few tests along the way. It started first thing as I got the metro to practice, I got on the train going in the opposite direction for some reason and it took me a couple of stops before I realised and had to retrace my way back, I just laughed, no idea why I laughed and didn’t frown or why I even did it. It was sunny after practice so I had a quick shower, ate my breakfast and washed my yoga togs, my hotel room now resembles a chinese Laundry, then I went outside and it had started raining! I was down by the Harbour sussing out a boat trip as the rain got heavier, into Mcd’s for a milkshake and to read my book for an hour, the milkshake machine was being fixed, the girl took my order and asked if I minded waiting or wanted my money back, I smiled and said I would wait as the rain came down. After a few minutes she came over and gave me a large Fanta, she said that’s for waiting before reappearing a few minutes later with my shake. It was while drinking that I got to a passage in the book that talks about how you deal with every little situation in a day.The next passage was even more pertinant about a high powered Lawyer who had been on a meditation retreat and was so taken with it that she resolved that on her return to the real world that she would make changes, to be more patient with her kids, to be less money oriented, less trying to climb the ladder, but once she was immersed back in reality and was no longer surrounded by inspiring, peaceful people her resolve soon faded, but at least she had recognised what needed to change, recognising being the first step, umm.

At least the black clouds show up the red building!

Lapland massage

Its been a productive day in other ways, wandering around during rare moments of no rain I discovered there is a cultural festival starting tomorrow, there are a few stages being erected so hopefully I may catch something. I also managed to buy a new Moose mug, I bought one last time I was here, but it had an accident a week after I got it home, so I had to revert back to my Wallace & Gromit mug, but the red nose on that no longer lights up when it has a hot drink in it, I saw the Moose mug in a window and just had to buy it.I just found that you can get them on Amazon, LOL I could of had one sooner!

I’m aching a little from practice, not majorly but when I spotted the seated massage people down on the bridge I decided 1o minutes may stop me seizing up. First time having a massage from someone from Lapland, she was very strong, must be all that Moose wrestling they do, she gave my shoulders and lower back a pounding, though I had to laugh when she told me she just returned from Bradford where she went to learn english!

Practice was different today, I seemed to have less energy and also I was virtually left alone for the whole practice, though I could sense I was being watched, with some teachers you just know when they are watching, it kinda makes you keep your eye on the ball. I am coming to the conclusion that perhaps my practice is better than I give it credit for, I try to not compare mine with others, even when like today the girl next to me was doing 2nd but could’t bind Supta K, but despite the seeming lack of energy I still had a decent practice, my Supta K felt so good today that I even risk the wrath of my wrist by doing the proper Titibhasana exit, even if I did end up in a heap at Dena’s feet. I laughed and panted, she just asked if I was ok.

Pasasana is the pose I have had assistance with every day here and the consistency is starting to show, after Kino gave me the pose on the last mysore day in Thailand it was another 3 weeks before I got assisted in it again by Susan, I had obviously been playing on my own, but with a new pose like that I could have done with help sooner after being given it. Each day here Dena has let me try on my own then done it with me, heals down, bind then gradually trying to let me balance on my own, I can’t, but it feels like I need to wait for my thighs to catch up with the power to keep me balanced. It has replaced Supta K as the pose which totally knackers me.

Urdva Dhanurasana is taking less time each day, well I’m spending less time lying there trying to psyche myself up to push up at least, I have been doing 2 and on the 3rd trying to rock a little, though my wrist is not yet ready to rock it seems, oh well, so I stand up and do dropbacks, on my own, no help today, just a comment from Dena across the room as my head lands first on my 3rd attempt “No accidents“, ha ha, its funny though because usually it would frustrate the hell out of me, especially knowing that I can do it, but it was another moment today when I just laughed and thought what the hell. I need that extra modicum of control to come back in the split second when I have passed the point of no return, my hands are either landing too far back or my arms are not straight enough.

I am certainly in a better space this week, I just hope I get to the part of the book with the BIG answer before I have to return to reality, Mel & Jen what page is that on?

7 Responses to “Day 3 – Laughing not frowning”

  1. daydreamingmel Says:

    There is no simple answer!! But reading the book in it’s entirety had a profound effect on me, there are lots of pages turned down in my copy for bits to refer back to later. And I’m going to take *full* credit for recommending it to you & Jen, just as if I wrote it myself πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  2. Ursula Says:

    Oh, I see, you have a good time, neck massages and so forth…..:)

  3. globie Says:

    I know where Jen got her “Eveything is already perfect motto” now

  4. Jenny Says:

    Actually that motto was from a friend. He taught me. I’ve recommended that book to him now too actually! I finally finished it today..I’ve been digesting it slowly.

  5. Jenny Says:

    Oh and yes, there is NO answer. You just have to be..and be happy with that! Breathe in. Breathe out.

  6. globie Says:

    Yes Dena was talking about “just being” today, its going to take me months to finish that book. By the time I finish it perhaps he will have written the sequel that does have the answer! Greatn motto though

  7. susananda Says:

    Er, no answer…. we have to practice ‘just being’ all the time, just like we practice the difficult poses every day… πŸ™‚

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