Day 4 – The right direction

Zen loo rolls

Reading that book is making things appear, or at least I am noticing what was already there like these toilet rolls, indeed “Shit does happen”. But unlike yesterday I managed to get a metro train going in the right direction to practice.

The Shala

Practice today was only led through the sun salutations, after that we were on our own, time to plug the brain back in, yikes what comes after Padahastasana? Anyway I prefer it on my own, more time to find length in the Trikonasanas and time for Dena to talk quietly in my ear about how in Pariv Trikonasana its almost like you are pushing the hands apart, grounding the bottom hand but not putting all the weight into it, reaching up with the top hand, pulling the weight away from the bottom hand.Apart from that I was basically left alone until UHP, which wasn’t really an adjustment, Dena is very good at touching the part that needs to straighten. Then in Warrior 1, she said my basic posture was fine but now I need to refine it and find strength in the arms and in the midrif as well as going that bit deeper in the bend, agian no real adjustment, just quietly spoken words.

Doing standing alone seemed to mean I had more energy left to give to seated, I know I’m slow though, especially when I see people around me who are already into the Janu’s by the time I sit down for Dandasana. It was incredibly hot in there again this morning, I don’t know why I am bothering to get everything dry when its saturated after 20 minutes of practice the next day. Left to my own devices through seated, excpet for another word in my shell like about Navasana, I am adoring Supta Kurmasana in this heat its so bloody easy to slither deeply in, bind and lift because I can get so much further under than I can at home. A nice squishing in Baddha Konasana from assistant Debbie, now I knew I had seen her beforre some place, turns out she was in Byron last September when I was there, ashtanga is a very small world innit!

Again assisted in Pasasana, which took some effort and depleted me a bit for the backbends to come, I stopped after 4 x UD’s, then managed to get in one dropback on my own, my hands just got there in time, but only just!  before assistance arrived for another 4 with help from Jack. Its great to be able to put everything into practice, nothing to save energy for later in the day and a luxury to have time for a 15 minute Savasana, even if it is in  a lake, saturated doesn’t do it justice.

After practice breakfast with the Finns and assistant Debbie at a little cafe, which seemed to go into the afternoon, though I discovered in not just yogi’s in London who have a 4 hour Sunday after practice brekky habit, it happens in Helsinki too!

A brighter day today, no rain at least, the city seems to be full of skirt oops I mean kilt wearing Jocks ready for tomorrow nights football match, come on Sweden! I had a wander round Slussen, then managed to walk all the way back vis Gamla Stan old town, the Culture Festival in Sergels Torg and a demo in support of the iranian woman due to be stoned.

People signing the petition

Yoga drink?

Culture Festivals message

I happened across the festival in Sergels Torg, I couldn’t not hear the very alternative saxaphone playing, not my thing I have to say, but it was fun, they had a big save the planet recycling thing in the middle with loads of big green bins in which I discovered books, each bin having a different genre, kids books, thrillers, etc anyone could take one and leave one.

So here we are back at base surrounded by soggy slothes on every hanger I can find and 2 drenched yoga mats.

2 Responses to “Day 4 – The right direction”

  1. Linda Says:

    Sounds like you’ve met my friends from Helsinki, Outi and Anriikka? And I also know Debbie, we met in Koh Mak in January this year. The ahstanga world sure is small 🙂

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Yep Outi and Anrikka, it is a small world!

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