Day 6 – Led

Our last morning in that hot, humid, sweaty space, tomorrow will feel empty. Today’s practice began as usual with pranayama before we did the silent practice to Navasana, trying not to be the first or the last to move, with full vinyasas between postures. No adjustments, no voices, no giving birth noises, just the communal sound of the breath and the occasional laugh when anyone forgot to come to standing, though practising opposite Dena was an incentive to get it right. Closing was completed, followed by a short Savasana and chanting. As is the norm we then sat in a circle and each said something, thanking Dena for her wonderful teaching, the energy of our fellow practitioners and just residing in having a place for our practice free from the hustle and bustle we are now going to return to.

Dena left us with the thought, that she believes our yoga is more than the postures, it’s not about our individual practice, getting the next pose, it’s about our Sangha, the community of practitioners around the world, the way it brings us together to share something special. Through the sanskrit names we share a common language that makes it possible to lay our mat on any part of the planet and do our practice.

Practice finished at 11.30 and I had to be checked out of the Hotel at Noon, oops, so London mode on the Stockholm underground, you can always see the Londoners on foreign metro’s we are the ones who walk and run up and down the escalators!


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