This time last week I had just completed a wonderful mysore week with Dena and was on my way home. A week later I have managed to practice 5 times, though only managed to do full primary twice, once at the Shala and once at home, the other 3 I have at least got to half way Navasana and done dropbacks.

The full primary I managed at home was actually better than the one I did at the Shala on Sunday, probably because I hadn’t had to run through the underground to be on my mat and it took over 2 hours. All I can say is that I have got on my mat everyday, though as the week has gone on I can feel that my practice has become ragged, I have been doing it, but I know its not been what it can be. Last night I got to Marichyasana B and just felt drained.

The only part that has got better as the week has progressed is dropbacks. During the workshop I managed a few on my own and got assisted every day, but they felt like it was still quite a long road back to where they had been prior to the (still annoying) wrist problem. On Sunday I managed a couple on my own, but was tired by the time Cary came to assist and if I am honest she did most of the work. The answer came from Susan, who had watched my Sunday dropbacks and pointed out that my arms were too wide and that perhaps it would be better to have hands in prayer stretched above the head and try and keep them there on the way back, in the hope that they land narrower and my head doesn’t get there first. I have tried this every day since she mentioned it, good spot Susan.

As I said, I was physically done after Mari B last night and decided to do closing, Urdva Dhanurasana was a mental trial, but eventually I managed my requisite 3, trying to walk in. Time to stand up and do some hang backs, followed by my new game of dropping back onto my Futon bed, which stands about 18 inches off the ground, Unlike the door when I do hang/drops down that, my hands land in the same position as on the floor on the Futon, which means I can rock and bring myself back to standing. From being shattered at Mari B, I had found some reserves of energy from somewhere! So I thought just one dropback, to keep the habit if nothing else, this ended up being followed by 5 more, progressivley getting more control and remembering to try and keep my arms relatively straight when I land. I seem to have better landings when I have a target, this seems to stop me landing too far back, which really annoys my wrist. So as well as the “just in case” Pillow I lay a small towel 2 feet behind where I stand and try to aim my hands either side of that, which makes for a narrower landing and a deeper bend. Number 5 was the best one, number 6 was safely landed but a bit tired, I was running on empty by then, but it is beginning to feel as if I am getting the control back.

Different teachers see different things, with Dena pointing out the need for there to be more space between my Hips and Ribs and Susan spotting the arm width my backbends are coming back.


6 Responses to “Ragged”

  1. Kai Says:

    Hey, your email post attached all your contact info from work – you may want to edit it if you don’t want it ‘out there’ on the Internet.

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks kai,

    I forgot it comes up automatically, hopefully its gone now. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. susananda Says:

    Where is this email post?? I don’t see it.
    Good job on the backbends 🙂

  4. globie Says:

    This “Ragged” post I emailed direct to my blog, before I edited it, it had my work address & phone number which is what Kai was referring to. Means I don’t have to have the blog and Internet open in order to post

  5. globie Says:

    Ps your backbend comment about the arm width has made a difference to the control as well as the landing

  6. susananda Says:

    Oh, THIS post. Cool.

    Yes, I think it helps with control because you’re keeping the energy more toward the centre line… hence I keep my palms together right until I touch down.

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