I forgot Garbha!

A nice sweaty practice this morning, it was really humid outside and it was raining when I got to the Shala too. Not quite as packed as last Sunday but still pretty busy, demoted to the 2nd row again, but a nice spot next to Jen.

I was on time today which meant I could take my time, but I was surprisingly fast through standing, maybe I just relaxed knowing I didn’t need to rush and make up time and just flowed through, only the odd prod and hand tweak in standing.

Lovely assists in Mari C & D, the assist in C really helps D feel much better, I wasn’t expecting help in D but it was nice when it came 🙂 Bhuja was good and Supta K, but the exit was rubbish, I still don’t trust my wrist when the weight distribution over it changes. And I confess, I forgot Garbha completely, only realising when I was doing backbends, but I wasn’t going back then! Baddha Konasana assist wasn’t painful today unlike last week, I had done my 5 breaths and was thinking of coming out, but then felt Susan lay her towel over my back and start pressing on the thighs so went with it, nice squishing.

I know I keep saying it but I am sure Pasasana is coming, I am finding some balance, even if my feet are not flat and am getting a much deeper twist, Susan managed to join my fingers up on both sides today 🙂

No wall space initially when it was time to start backbends, so I had to do my Urdva Dhanurasanas where I was, I had been hoping to have time to repeat yesterday’s wall experiment. Dropbacks were more hit than miss today I am glad to say, 3 safely landed after a bit of hanging about, then the Smoke alarm went off, so we all stopped not knowing if we were going to have to vacate the building, at which point I realised I had forgotten Garbha, but I wasn’t going back at that point. Eventually the din was turned off and I did another dropback, but the disturbance had ruined my focus and I was getting tired, so I ended up passing the point of no return completely out of control and crash landing as Susan winced. I have a mental rule now both at home and at the Shala that I don’t finish on a crap backbend, luckily Susan then came to assist for 3 more, cross arms and a stay down and walk in, though my mat was so slippery it was a palm spam forward and 2 back. My new mat comes next week for my birthday, hopefully with traction control.

From starting off with lots of time the rest of closing was done in a bit of a rush, but done, nothing else left out. A nice practice with some good assists and advice as I left the building about not doing backbends at home when I’m not warmed up, they can piss your wrists off!


4 Responses to “I forgot Garbha!”

  1. arturo Says:

    Dear Kev
    I sometimes forget Arda Bada Padmotanasana, if it’s any consolation.

  2. globie Says:

    I used to forget Upavistha Konasana.

  3. ashtangalover Says:

    I wish I could forget Garbha sometimes, that one is on my mind far to much both in practice and out of it.

    What kind of mat? Is it just replacing a worn out one or is it a new venture all together?

  4. globie Says:

    Garbha always struck me as a stupid pose, but I usually like the rocking after Supta K, it had been the subject of an e-mail discussion during the week, so I am surprised I forgot to do it.

    Planet Sadhana mat, I definitley need a new one, I have one of the really old thin ones, which is now even thinner and has no traction for my hands or the floor, it was ok until I started doing mysore practice all the time 2 years ago, now its falling apart. My Sister is buying it me for my Birthday

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