Another year

Birthday eve practice, full primary with nothing left out, not even Garbha, a decent attempt at Pasasana and some good backbends and 2 dropbacks, I can still do this demanding practice as the years tick by. It’s a good time of year to look back at where my practice was this time last year, I was struggling with the intensity of dropbacks, seemingly light years from doing it on my own, little did I know that just a month later on an aussie beach I would do it on my own for the first time. Now I can do it, well the percentage of head crash landings is down at least and I am actively working on the standing up again thing. I was also officially given Pasasana in this last year too, something I never thought would happen. So though I don’t feel like my practice has progressed much I know it has. Practice is solid and is still largely the thing that keeps body and soul together.

Well today is the beginning of my 47th year on the planet, last night I did my last practice on my old blue mat, which has served me well for about 10 years, I can do things on that mat at the end of its life that I could not have contemplated doing when I first bought it all those years ago. That mat has some serious airmiles under its belt, its first foreign trip was to France back in 2000, when I first started to develop the ashtanga habit, after that its been to all kinds of places Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Bali, Australia and Singapore to name but a few. This as well as hundreds of hours in London Shala’s. But its literally so thin now that it’s time has come and for my Birthday my sister bought my new Sadhana Mat. I just unwrapped it and rolled it out, surprisingly its about 5cm wider and longer, but the most noticeable difference is the weight and thickness, only now do I realise just how thin old bluey was. I can’t wait to give it its Shala christening on Sunday, though I may go local again tomorrow if I wake up.

Do old yoga mats go to yoga mat heaven I wonder, Susan suggested taking it to Battersea dogs and cats home, my only problem with going there is that I would probably go in with a mat and come out with a puring Tabby fur ball, I’m not keen on Dogs, but Cat’s I love.


11 Responses to “Another year”

  1. Lilli Says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin! I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now. I currently am in Australia for 3 months and have been practicing here in Bondi Beach. I had my first head crash the other day at the shala in backbends. I don’t think I’m ready, so I need to talk to the teacher about getting more help or not doing them at all. I seem to remember your Aussie backbending on the beach post. I’ll have to go back to your archives and try and find it to read it again.
    Have a great day!

  2. Globie Says:

    Thanks Lilli, it was September 2009 when I did my first dropback on Noosa beach. Am surprised your teacher let’s you dropback on your own if you are not quite there yet, though there comes a point where you just have to do it on your own, please be careful, place a blanket a couple of feet behind your feet, it gives you a target for landing as well as saving concussion

  3. Susie Says:

    Happy birthday for yesterday Kevin! You did make ‘progress’ in the last year. It’s good to look back (a bit!) once in a while. I think my last year has mostly been recovering my practice to where it was when I left it when I got sick 3 years ago. But that’s life, and all good! I’m excited to be able to bind in marychiasana B again at the minute!

    See you soon …

  4. arturo Says:

    happy birthday, Kevin!

  5. StEvE Says:

    Many happy returns (from a drop-back).

    You should keep your mat, and use it only when flying. If it’s lighter, it’ll give you more headroom with your luggage allowance, especially if you’re still thinking of going to Mysore. Books are sooooo cheap in India and you’ll fill your case for the return leg.

    Your post was interesting for me. We are ALMOST the same age & started out on the Ashtanga Train at around the same time, and I’m working on Pasasana too. Kind of re-assuring really. You may get it quicker than I as you’re being adjusted regularly. My next assistance won’t be until next March :o)

  6. grimmly Says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin, hey we’re the same age. And a new mat as a present, perfect, off to google Sadhana Mat’s now.

  7. Globie Says:

    Thanks Susie, you will soon be with Dena, when are you up here?

    Thanks Arturo, I’m a Dragon

    Steve, same age and time on the train, same Pasasana. The old mat is so thin I can actually fold it up. Hopefully my fingers will find each other sometime soon.

    Thanks Grim, seems to be a bunch of us all around the same age. Planet Sadhana mat came from Yoga Shop in Edinburgh, it was recommended by a couple of people I practice with. Are you doing Kino’s workshop next weekend?

  8. susiegb Says:

    Yeah, I fly to Bali on the 28th/29th September. Dena’s workshop starts on the 2nd October. Arrive in London on the 10th October, and the only free Sunday I have to come to Bethnal Green is the 17th! It’s ridiculous. I’ve lined up to go and practice at Hamish’s during the week (when I’m not elsewhere) as I’ll be staying up the Northern Line (Golders Green). So, I really hope to meet you and some of the other London ashtangis who are just blogging names to me at the moment on the 17th October!

  9. Globie Says:

    17th is ok with me Susie, i expect we will all be at YP that Sunday, me, Susan,Mel and Jen all practice there. Look forward to meeting you at last

  10. grimmly Says:

    Kino’s back again already? Her Miami students can’t see that much of her. I have to work all next weekend so will miss her again, sure to catch her sooner or later. A week with Manju is top of my wish list at the moment but that might have to wait until next year.

  11. globie Says:

    Kino’s back this coming weekend, she hasn’t been in London since April of last year, though she has been to Edinburgh. I was thinking that about her Miami students.

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