An 8 dropback Sunday!

An unexpectedly good practice today. When I started off the hamstrings felt were very tight in the Surya’s and I thought this is going to be one of those practices that you have to get through. So I made a decison in Padahastasana to just think about the breath and not worry about the posture so much, but wodya know once I started doing that the muscles and tendons seemed to find millimetres of hidden length, I was going ok until PPC when C told me to widen my stance on my new and still not sticky mat, it was all I could do to stop my feet sliding away as she pushed my hands towards the floor. I was thinking about my feet so much that I forgot about the agony she was subjecting my shoulders to!

Seated felt more stable, well my bum is wider than my feet, though I ended up having to wipe my mat before jumping back, to try and give my wrist a firm position, yesterday’s slippery jumpbacks annoyed my wrist. Seated  always surprise me, doing the double sided ones up to Mari D seem to take forever, then suddenly its the fun stuff Supta K and before you know it the dreaded bum balances, though I got assisted in Urdva P today.

I tried Pasasana on both sides on my own then help arrived to bind me, the second side my fingers are tinglingly close to getting it together, I think I need some at home experimentation with a belt.

Some stronger Urdva Dhanurasanas, with a bit of rocking, then 4 safely landed dropbacks, before Cary came over to help, but we are now back to the point I was at in March (before the wrist problem began), ie where I go back on my own and she only helps me back up. 3 down and up followed by the cross arm half way thing, then another down and walk in, stay for 5 and back up. The observations from Susan and Dena about finding length between the hips and ribs and keeping the hands in prayer above the head as I go back, seem to have given me back the extra control to able to land my hands, rather than anywhere will do so long as they get there before my head, though I am still landing too far back. But 8 safely done without getting concussion or annoying my wrist.

I know I tend to almost switch off after dropbacks, my mind starts to turn to the croisants and tea, I can hang out in Halasana and have to make myself finish it off, Cary as usual reminding me about nose drishte in Matsyasana and Utana Pidasana, she’s always on my case for that one LOL.

So by the end it turned into a satisfying practice, so glad I made the effort to get up at the crack of dawn and slog in to the city on a bus and train. Lovely yogi breakfast after too. Same again tomorrow 🙂

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