8 more today!

Very civilised 9am start to practice today, though I suspect Cary was there way earlier to have the heating cranked up, my glasses steamed up when I walked in. Nice to be there early for a change, which meant a chance to talk about practice. She was asking people how they thought their practice changed in the winter months, in the chilly UK for most people its a case of temperature, my upstairs just doesn’t reach Shala heat levels.

So practice was a dripping one, but great for it, though skidpan yoga was again a challenge. Much better binds today in the Mari’s, though this didn’t translate into Pasasana for some reason, which was abysmal despite Cary’s best efforts to introduce my fingers to each other, I just kept losing the balance, we decided after 3 attempts on each side that it wasn’t going to happen today.

Backbends were good again though, 4 x Urdva Dhanurasana, followed by 4 drop backs, then another 4 with Cary helping me back up. Much more control, I seemed to be able to hang a notch lower before gravity won, but that’s 16 dropbacks in 2 days without concussion 🙂

After practice brekky at LPQ in Soho, the raisin toast was superb, not to mention the Pain au Chocolate, yoga does allow me to indulge my sweet pastry tooth, though there was a raised eyebrow across the table when I started on the heavenly rock like sugar lumps! Jaime is very observant, noting that I seem to have lost weight since I last saw her, its been completely unintentional, I only noticed it myself when I went back to work after the Stockholm workshop and found my work trouser belt needed to be done up 2 holes tighter. I am slightly concerned that I don’t eat enough, which is why yoga sometimes wipes me out, but I just don’t have that much of an appetite.

After brekky a trip to the movies with AC to see “Salt”, her opinion was “twaddle”, I wouldn’t quite go that far, it started plausibly enough and the action chase scenes were great, but it lost whatever plot it did have after that and the ending left open for a sequel, which I don’t think I’ll bother to see.

So back to work for a rest tomorrow, its been a busy fun holiday weekend.


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