Doing a workshop with Kino is not the practice panacea and answer to it all (not even the standing up thing), but something did change last weekend, according to our Cyber shala Guru I have made a connection between my legs and backbends. It has manifested in Urdva Dhanurasana, this week I havn’t layed on my mat trying to psyche myself into pushing up, instead I seem to have chosen strength, I have been walking the hands in, getting the hips higher and generally feeling that its no longer purely about my shaking arms ability to keep me aloft. And walking in means I seem to have a bendier back for the dreaded dropbacks, which were another thing which added psyching up time to my practice, this week after a couple of hangbacks I have been going for it, OK I still have a crash pad for my head but I have been landing safely for the most part, walking in and trying to induce “Kino bounce” into my hands, though I can’t sat that has had a great deal of success.

Today we had to suffer the rubbish rail replacement bus, we had a driver with little sense of direction and a love of religious radio stations, maybe he was praying for devine intervention to get us to London, we got there, late… Which meant a sprint through the tube and not up BG Road and arrival on my mat about 10 minutes later than usual, the Shala was packed, its getting like AYL, the heat was incredible, my Yogitoes had to go down after Padahastasana. Despite arriving late I didn’t consciously speed up, I just seemed to get into my stride, the heat helped the Marichyasanas and a lovely slither into a really deep Supta Kurmasana. Apart from a couple of foot and hand tweaks I didn’t get adjusted until Pasasana, better luck this week Cary managed to get me bound on both sides 🙂

Somehow I got to closing in 65 minutes, I always check the time as I start backbends to see how much playtime I have, I couldn’t believe how quickly I had got through, but by this stage even the yogitoes was getting slippy and I was getting tired, Shala practice definitley takes more energy. I managed 5 Urdva Dhanurasana, but they weren’t as good as last week, I tried walking my hands in but it felt like a hand forward and the 2 hands sliding back, so my hips were not as lifted and back not in such a deep bend. But I hadn’t faffed about doing them, I stood up hoping a wall space would have come free to start my dropback games, but that AC was having her 20 minute Savasana, so I stayed put and did my dropbacks where I was, but for some reason I felt dizzy and a bit sick doing them, after my 3 Cary came over to assist the next 4, the 4th she assisted me back in an incredibly deep bend, but I was just glad when they were done today, no progress on the standing up challenge. I seemed to have gained time back with my backbends this week, the no faff UD’s and the less fear in dropbacks means the whole backbend sequence has speeded up significantly, which meant after the rest of closing I still got a nice 10 minute Savasana.

Breakfast in the sunshine afterwards, the croissant reward, though I have had to reign back my previous reward scheme of a croissant per successful dropback, so I stopped at a very restrained 2.

2 Responses to “Movements”

  1. susiegb Says:

    Ha ha – a croissant per successful dropback?!! That made me smile. Luckily for me I can’t do dropbacks at all so I wouldn’t need to worry about eating too many croissants!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Susie
    Dena will have you dropping back soon!
    Don’t worry I won’t quite have eaten all the croissants by the time you get to London

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