Sunday’s are just so nice

The train was actually early, I listened to a Kino podcast on the way and then tried a different route to the Shala, it seemed to work as I got to the Shala 8 minutes earlier than last week, so arrived less travel stressed than usual, so a good start.

Practice seemed to take a while to get going, my body didn’t seem to have much length until Cary came along to adjust my Trikonasana and stretched me laterally, it seemed to suddenly wake me up and make me more present. Usual wrist rotation prod in the Parsvakonasanas, then left alone until UHP, not a full on adjustment just a tickling of my toes which grip on for dear life rather than spreading and stretching, but this results in falling out of UHP while trying to avoid clobbering Susan next door!  Seated seem to come around so quickly these days, I’m sure my practice is speeding up without any attempt to do so. My right knee and calf are still not happy, so the second side of Mari D had to be modified, it feels like downhill then after the double sided poses have been done, helped by my like of Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana, though again I suffered an attack of Garbha amnesia, I only realised when I was doing Pasasana and saw the guy next to me doing Garbha, but I wasn’t going back then.

Left to my own devices for Pasasana, Cary actually asked me afterwards if I had done it, well unlike Garbha I never forget Pasasana and unlike at home I don’t use a block under my feet either, I can get quite a deep twist now and just about balance, but alas my fingers are not quite there. I actually did it twice just in case Cary had decided to come around. Pasasana is a bit like when I was trying to first do Supta Kurmasana, my brain knows its really a matter of time, there is no mental barriers like the fear with dropbacks to get over, its just a case of doing it.

My mind did play games with Urdva Dhanurasana, it took a few bridges before I managed to get the brain and arms to push me up, I think I was about to be given a prod, as when I pushed up into the first one Cary was standing over me, but once I was up she went off. Once I have done one then it’s no problem to do 2 or 3 or 4 more. I didn’t get hardly any dropback playtime either, after a couple of hangbacks Cary stood in front of me and said just do it, suddenly I had presence, focus and the ability to do the dropback before she helped me up. She stopped me faffing around, she didn’t say it but I could feel she was saying “you can do it, so just do it”. She nearly caught me out with the last one, usually she assists the going down to get a really intense backbend, the sort where involuntary noises and air come from hidden depths, I started to go back thinking she was going to intervene, then suddenly realised she wasn’t going to, just got the hands out in time LOL. She also seems to have a game of when she helps me stand up she lets go earlier and earlier to try and induce me to do the work, then stands there grinning when I get to the top.

Another solid practice and with getting there earlier and a quicker practice I actually had a nice 10 minutes in Savasana, I think its true about the aftermath of practice being better if the Savasana is longer, even if I did have to have a little sleep this afternoon.

Sunday’s are by far the best day of the week when they work out as I plan them, the trains on time, the tube works, I practice, we do breakfast after, then home to lunch and the Sunday papers. Why can’t every day be a Sunday.


4 Responses to “Sunday’s are just so nice”

  1. Helen Says:

    Glad you had a good practice and day. I love a long savasana too, usually 15 minutes, yum.

  2. globie Says:

    I feel less tired and achy later on if I have a longer Savasana.

  3. susananda Says:

    ‘I actually did it twice’…… most of us work on our can’t-do poses 3x at YP…. and that’s Kino’s rule too…. she’d probably been intending to get to you for your last pasasana and was surprised she missed it. And even with your long savasana you finished before about ten other people 🙂

  4. Globie Says:

    She said she hadn’t seen me do Pasasana at all. Ok I will go x 3 from now! My practice has definitely got faster though Cary making me do dropbacks without all my usual warmups probably cut 10 minutes off

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