Too old for manic weekends!

It’s Monday and I’m knackered! I just don’t seem to have the stamina for so many late nights in a row anymore. That said it was a fun weekend, despite the awful weather. J’s birthday bash on Friday night, great fun, but the first of the late nights. Luckily I had decided to stay in the city for the weekend, rather than keep going backwards and forwards, so Saturday morning I just had to jump on the tube to get to practice at TLC.

I like TLC, it is small, but never busy, so always a space and lots of help and adjustment from Philippa. Nice practice, no dramas, got assisted in Urdva Dhanurasana and dropbacks as well as all the usual stuff like Prasarita C, Marichyasana D and Pasasana, it takes a lot less for teachers to be able to bind me now in Pasasana, I just can’t seem to work out how to find those extra centimetres on my own. Interesting comment about my hand position asI go into Titibhasana from Supta Kurmasana, my hands need to be further forward, I love Supta K with Philippa, she always gets you balanced in Dwi Pada if you can get LBH, love trying that just for the hell of it. Laying in Savasana my drishte turned to breakfast, then a lightbulb went on as I remembered there is a branch of LPQ just round the corner from TLC, oh my god is that Raisin toast good!

The afternoon was busy running the travel club, sadly having to announce the death of the guy who founded the club over 60 years ago. Evening staying out of the rain at the cinema, second film in a month, that’s more than I have seen in the last 5 years!

Sunday morning relative lay in, as I didn’t have to get the train into the city and the Shala is about 2 minutes walk from the B&B, which meant time for a pre practice cuppa at Mcd’s, the only place open at that time of day. The tea in Mcd’s is ok, but those stupid freakin’ milk sachets are crap, ending up with milk spurting out of the corner down my leg, grrr

So nice to arrive at the Shala relaxed and tea-fueled. Being early I had the choice of spaces, the wall was tempting for the backbends, but decided to take my usual prefered spot on the front row. Practice definitley expands to fill the time available, last Sunday I got started around 8:25 and finished at 10am, this week I started at 8:05 and finished at 10:05, how does that happen? It was a little chilly until the heaters kicked in, but by the Prasarita’s I had to put the mat towel down before doing myself a mischief on the sweaty skidpan. A going over from Cary in UHP, higher, wider, longer, its intense and I felt slightly off balance all the way through.

The seated forward bends I have been trying to relax my shoulders more, so not going quite so far forward and I thought not hunching up quite so much, but I found out later my perception of not hunched and a by standers are 2 different things. Cary seems more obsessed with what my feet are doing in poses like the Janu’s and Marichyasanas than my shoulders. Quite a lot of assistance this week, Triang Mukha for the 2nd day running, Mari A and I sensed her behind me as I was starting Baddha Konasana for a full splat squashing. I have found that if I can get away with a few extra breaths in Kurmasana and really stretch my legs out and get flat down, that Supta Kurmasana is so much easier to bind.

It was another practice of being very aware of my niggling right knee, which has improved a lot in the last week or so for not being forced into half lotus in the Mari’s and Garbha. Garbha is a sticking point, I can get my right arm through but only half my left and end up beached, so that I end up retracting my arms and rocking round.

Pasasana 2nd day in a row of being assisted, I am getting the balance, which makes it easier for Cary to bind me, but I am getting further on my own. I saw Cary watching from the back as I had a couple of goes on my own, she then appears when you are not quite expecting her to, much as she did for backbends. I had done my Urdva Dhanurasanas and was on the second hang back trying to make the flor come into view, I thought she was assisting C. next door, I had almost gone past the point of no return and flung myself back up to find she was in the way! She didn’t let me faff around, she now just says “go back”, its amazing the way my mind suddenly is fully focussed and I can do it, yet if I play around on my own it takes me ages to do the first one, the last one she assists going back, a very intense backbend, but doable these days, not something that I have to just survive anymore, walk the hands in, hold for 5 and come back up “HEAD LAST

So a no faffing practice, modified Mari’s, no faff backbends and yet it still took me 2 hours!

3 late nights, 2 full practices, one tired Globie!


2 Responses to “Too old for manic weekends!”

  1. Ragdoll Says:

    I also managed a trip to the cinema this weekend – a very rare event in my life! I’m with you on not being able to cope with late nights anymore, it takes me until Wednesday at least to catch up on my sleep. And I just need time alone in my house sometimes, to recover from socialising.

    I hope your knee keeps improving, it does feel like a long time that you’ve been nursing that.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi R,

    Yes I hope to be more awake by tomorrow! I do enjoy socialising with the yoga folk though.

    The knee had been OK since Thailand in April, I don’t know if it was the intensity of the Kino weekend or what, but since then it’s been a pain and down the calf as well

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