It’s always better at the Shala- Pasasana finger touch

Our Shala is getting really busy on Sunday’s, its great to see it like that and the wonderful, quiet energy that seems to bring out the best in my practice. That’s how it was today, despite being squahed in the corner ala AYL, I still had a really nice practice. Standing just seemed to fly by, apart from a tweaking or 2 in Parsvakonasana and Virabhadrasana 2 I seem to get left alone, well almost I forgot I UHP’d again today, but being in the corner left her less room to send my leg into those deeply uncomfortable places.

Also for the first time on a Sunday Cary had an assistant, Kristen was practising behind me, I noticed in my Surya’s that she was in Sirsasana and thought she’s either done a very short practice or she was here early, I think it safe to say the latter was true, then a little while later realised it was her pink towel pressing me down inΒ Paschimottanasan nice squish Kristen.. πŸ™‚Β  Seated seem to pass these days like standing, I am more used to it now, well I should be after 2 years of mysore practice I suppose, but I used to kind of tick the poses off in my head, counting down to the end, seeing some of them as mental as well as physical hurdles to be got through or endured in some cases if being adjusted. No longer do I hate “Baddie Konasana” as Mel has christened it, instead I can go with Cary’s weight squashing my chin to the floor. The whole process seems to have speeded up in the last month or so, partly as I faff less but also because there is much less mental debate going on between my ears, I just get on with it, I don’t have to think about what comes next, it just happens, so even if I do spend (quite) a few extra breaths getting deeper in to Supta Kurmasana I am still consistently getting to closing in an hour now, though I must admit this is partly down to still having to modify the second side of Mari D, my knee is still less than willing to come to that party, though it does now condescend to do Mari B at least.

Pasasana was a longer event than usual today, but on my second go on my own my fingers touched, that’s all they can do, but that is definite progress, I was going to move on at that but Cary came along and I ended up doing it all again, twice on the first side with her trying to encourage my hand further up and round my hip, the second side didn’t seem to take much for her to bring my fingers together, its when a teacher does that without much effort that you start to believe it must be possible to do on my own.

Too many body’s between me and my backbend accessories on the other side of the room, so I decided to just go for it, 4 x Urdva Dhanurasanas, trying to walk in as usual, then just my towel as a target behind me on my mat for dropbacks. I had a realisation when I was doing them at home yesterday, that I was favouring my left leg, so not pressing so much into the right which was some of the reason that my foot splays out, so today I made a concerted effort to lean into my right side as I went backwards. Second week running I havn’t had any “playtime”, Cary has been there prompting me to “Just do it” and I did, no headaches or dangerous landings, I have control for longer, safe landing then she does whatever it is she does to my hips and suddenly I rise again. As usual followed by the cross arm thing then an assisted one, walking in, hold for 5 then up we come. In days gone by I used to just hand out in the forward bend, but I don’t seem to be allowed that luxury anymore, as she squashes me she’s telling me about bringing the heals together, pushing through the balls of the feet, elbows out, no longer just hanging out!

Totally amazed as I viewed the clock at the end of closing to find I was done in 1hr 25mins, time for a nice long 10 minute plus Savasana. I hope I can keep this up, practice without rushing but somehow getting faster.

Not the end of the day I am glad to say, as 11 yogi’s then went for breakfast at The Breakfast Club in nearby Hoxton.


Yogi Breakfast



13 Responses to “It’s always better at the Shala- Pasasana finger touch”

  1. susananda Says:

    I noticed we got to yoga mudra at the same time, and then you were already in savasana while I was still doing padmasana breathing… how?? I only went to ten! Don’t get too speedy!!

    Glad you had such a nice breakfast, I had a nice pastry and latte outside in the sunshine with the gym students πŸ™‚

  2. daydreamingmel Says:

    …And you came in after me but I noticed you were on to parsvottanasana when I was just doing the second side of trikonasana. Speedy gonzales!!!! (mind you I was super slow on the suryas today) – but how many Bs did you do Kev? πŸ˜‰
    Nice breakfast venue, worth the journey once in a while I think – Susan, you come! (Faux indian accent essential for that statement…)

  3. globie Says:

    Not sure how that worked out, but you were already gone when I woke up from Savasana and I had the same thought about how you must have speeded up.

    Glad you got a breakfast too. It was nice to meet Marc and we picked up Suyen on the bus.

  4. globie Says:

    I did 3 B’s, had just finished 3rd when we chanted. Without my glasses couldn’t see what you were up to Mel. I do seem to have speeded up lately without trying to, I don’t even run along BG Road now!

    I have only had a sarnie since breakfast, was stuffed, glad I didn’t plump for the Full Monty like AC did.

  5. susananda Says:

    Poor Kevin, first we tell you not to run to practice and then we tell you not to practice too fast πŸ˜‰

    I only had 5 minutes in savasana. I also speed through suryas and standings sometimes, but think about it, you did padmasana, uth phuthi, vinyasa and the chant all during my ten breaths!

  6. globie Says:

    My Padmasana breathing can’t have been that fast as on the upright section I had Cary making me straighten my back, chin down, fingers stretched etc. My uth pluti is minimal to save my wrist, been nice to have a decent Savasana the last 2 Sundays

  7. daydreamingmel Says:

    5 SURYA Bs!!!!

    As you keep saying your practice has sped up…just wonder why not up it to 5?

  8. susananda Says:

    Mel, three surya Bs is entirely legal once one has completed primary series, I really don’t think we should give him a hard time over that!!

    I must be a really slow breather, though….

  9. globie Says:

    I just seemed to have got into the habit of doing 3 x B’s and I’m pretty warmed up already from the tube sprint. It started one Sunday when Susan and I began together, I admitted after that I had been using her to count the Surya’s as we had been in synch, but that it felt like we hadn’t done 5 B’s but I wasn’t sure, she said its cos we only did 3! But its enough. I did 5 the previous Sunday when I started at 8 though!

  10. Jenny Says:

    I’m doing three even on Sundays! Rebel!! I didn’t need any more warming up i was pouring with sweat… I love Sunday business…busyness? Hmm.

    I can’t wait for half-term when i promise to always do FIVE!

  11. Ragdoll Says:

    Wow, 85 minutes including Pasanana and all those backbends?! I take almost exactly that long in the studio, moving straight from Supta K to 3 UD, and not including times that H has me stop and repeat anything.

    And, umm, I’m staying out of the surya conversation, seeing as this morning the surya (4+2) were all I managed.

  12. globie Says:

    Hi R
    I just seem to have more focus and less faffing these days, though practice does seem to fit the time available.

    BTW That’s H’s head in the bottom left corner of the photo

  13. Ragdoll Says:

    Aha! I had been wondering why I couldn’t spot her!

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