Torper, energy & procrastination + Radio 4!

It’s been that kind of a week, after Monday’s massage and Tuesdays England match, no I wont go there, they were that bad. Wednesday to Friday it was back on the ashtanga path, Wednesday felt like starting again, not helped by the cold weather, I couldn’t get a sweat going and still had achy shoulders.

I tried a new dropback game in an effort to crack the standing up problem. I have got too good at standing up from the Futon now and needed to find something half way between the Futon height and the floor, I decided to try a couple of Sofa cushions, which meant landing 6 inches lower, the theory was good, but they were too squishy to push off from. I then tried putting a piece of hardboard between them, but was too knackered by this point for it to work. Thursday I again did a whole practice, despite the CH being on I still barely broke sweat and again employed the sofa cushions, this time putting the sheet of hardboard on top of them, BIG mistake, as I pushed off and fell back I scraped my arm, oh well back to the drawing board.

I have been procrastinating about what to do at Christmas, I want to get away, but everything is just so bloody expensive this year, so much for recession and prices going down, that’s another government load of cobblers. I dislike Christmas with a vengeance and am desperate for sunshine and practice in a location where Jingle Bells wont be heard.

Saturday has been busy, a 2 hour practice again this afternoon as the sun streamed through my upstairs windows. I flicked the PC on after just to check my e-mail and found the travel club had gone crazy, it turns out we were featured on a programme on Radio 4 this morning called Excess Baggage. Processing all the e-mails has taken a few hours, I’m glad I had done my practice first.

AYL in the morning, I hope its warm in there, otherwise my body is going to start hibernating.


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