Erratically consistent week of practice

I have practised 7 days straight, I have done a full practice on 5 of the days and quite a lot of the practice on the other 2 days. On Fridays I have a “golden” 75 minutes when I get home from the Labour camp, not long enough for a complete practice, but enough for half a primary and lots of backbends.

By Wednesday after 4 full practices Saturday to Tuesday, I was getting tired and should perhaps have had a rest day, but I had the urge to stretch after 8 hours looking at a screen. I set off with good intentions but my wrist decided to start playing up, this after my lower right leg below the knee had done a massive “crack” in the shower in the morning. No way was my wrist going to put up with all those vinyasas, so after standing practice degenerated into a completely criminal 2nd series backbend fest, but at least it felt like a worthwhile 90 minutes on the mat.

Thursday cue e-mail chat with S about practice on carpets. Too squidgy was her verdict, wrists need a solid platform, realising she could be on to something as most of the wrist angst happens at home.  So a new experiment, a piece of thin hardboard between the carpet and my mat, a much more solid surface. Thursday practice turned out to be one of the best at home ones in a long time, I had the momentum and the focus, which generates the heat and flexibility. I got through primary in 70 minutes, had some decent Pasasana attempts, before all the usual backbend experiments. The complete thing including Savasana done in 100 minutes. Momentum is the key to make it happen at home.

So its felt like an erratic week, but I have consistently got on the mat.


2 Responses to “Erratically consistent week of practice”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    I’ve heard from many people about wrist problems and practicing on carpet – it’s pretty common. Sounds like you found a good solution. I’m on day 6, which is pretty good for me. Have a great weekend!

  2. globie Says:

    Until Susan mentioned it, it never occured to me that could be the problem.
    6 in a row Pat well done.

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