A 4 out of 6 week

A fairly consistent week, full practice on Saturday at home and Sunday at the Shala.

Then Monday comes along and the Bank (of Scotland) screw up again and I ended up spending half the evening on the phone trying to get their error sorted, 4 days later I am still waiting, 3 times they promised to call me back, you can guess how many times they have called. So Monday night’s practice turned out to be standing and not much else worth writing about.

Tuesday back on the mat, but it was a struggle, I don’t know why, lack of energy, drishte, I didn’t give up, I got through my whole practice, but can’t say I enjoyed it.

Wednesday off to watch the match. Thursday a fairly dire day at the Labour Camp, resulting in my purchase of a 5 pack of Wispa’s at the Supermarket! But wodya know I get home and do one of the best home practices for a week or so, had the energy, motivation and focus. If only Cadbury’s knew the power that Wispa bars posess!

So a 4th full practice, really I should be happy with that, happy that I continue to find the motivation to practice home alone without the heat, energy and encouragement of my Shala teacher and yoga Shala buddies practising by me.

Friday is always a short 1 hour or so practice, after standing dipping into the lovely criminal second series backbends, extra Urdva Dhanurasanas, before a few steady dropbacks, Friday is my do what I like practice.

Though yoga is at most 2 hours of my day it has a massive influence over the other 22 hours. My sleep is deep and thoughts of doing practice help get me through the working day, it gives me something good to think about and look forward to, even on days like Tuesday when the thought and reality seemed to be somewhat different.

I watched this super interview with Kino and it made me think what a positive thing yoga is to have in my life. You wouldn’t think it, but yoga has changed my attitude to lots of things over the last few years (work still sucks however), I am open to trying therapies I would have poo pood and considered mumbo jumbo, such as the acupuncture the Physiotherapist used on my wrist and the massage Cristina uses on that niggling Piriformis. I would now choose this type of treatment over going to a Doctor, whose interest is getting you out of the door with a prescription for tablets that would most likely annoy my stomach.

Talking of the stomach, although I am far from a vegetarian, without any effort I no longer seem to enjoy red meats such as beef, lamb, ok I do still enjoy the odd Bacon sandwich, but when you consider what a carnivore I used to be this is quite a radical change, as if my body is making decisions for me, it doesn’t feel like I have actually given anything up. I also now drink fruit juice, ok I don’t like the ones with “bits” in, but I love apple juice, even though I could never eat an apple, but another change in that Susan did manage to get some fruit between my lips back in April! Yoga is the reason this has happened, that I was open to trying, this would never have happened a few years ago.

I am sure yoga has given me some kind of indefinable spirituality that was not there before, I would never have considered reading buddhist books in the past, it’s spirituality has kind of crept up on me via Dena’s chanting workshops and teachers talking about the effect yoga has on our own lives and those we interact with.  Does the 2 hours yoga really shape the other 22 or is it the other way round?


4 Responses to “A 4 out of 6 week”

  1. susananda Says:

    Those two hours are really powerful! Not so sure about the Wispas though, LOL

    The Beekeeper’s having acupuncture on his hip, I think 5 sessions in 3 weeks and says it’s really making a difference, places that felt numb before yesterday’s treatment didn’t after.

    If you fancy a watch of the Toon Army after breakfast tomorrow, I have a new place to watch near Aldgate that isn’t full of gadgies 🙂

  2. Globie Says:

    Will try an Aero tonight LOL

    Lovely practice with Michaela this morning, only 5 of us, She bound Pasasana and just watched my 4 dropbacks. I was only one who bound Supta K and did dropbacks, so easy morning for her!

    Off to Luxury Travel show after brekky tomorrow, got a freebie so will have to watch Toon on MOTD

    Glad beekeeper using complimentary therapy.

  3. susananda Says:

    Glad you got a decent pasasana assist! Will have to check out Micheala one day.

    Luxury Travel show sounds like fun. I am so stoked about this whole weekend, so many awesome plans I have…

  4. Globie Says:

    I paid attention to how Michaela did it. Squat with feet flat, she pulls student onto her thigh to get stability then gets lower arm as high as possible before binding top hand. Once bind is secure she gets you to try and support yourself by pushing down hard on the knee so the feet stay flat and you try and stand

    Another example of yogas positive results, sitting here in my Cafe eating a jacket potato with turkey and shrubbery, in years gone by it would have been a “Full english” fry up, but I just couldn’t do that now.

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