DLR 2 WTM & home via AYL!

A very long, but full and fun day. Things started slowly thanks to the DLR breaking down, so I didn’t arrive at World Travel Market (WTM) until nearly Noon. But when I finally got there I soon found the India stand giving out free cups of tea and biscuits, as well as a nice brochure on Mysore. Checked in at Sri Lanka, more free tea and info on my forthcoming trip. Next section is my favourite, The Middle East, you can tell who has the money, definitley a better standard of freebie in this area!


ETIHAD nearly made me a dishonest Globie, though I doubt that the Labour Camp management would appreciate my dedication, so now I am sitting here thinking I should have taken a sickie tomorrow. Not only did I get a nice photo with the lovely ETIHAD Stewardess and Ferrari Grand Prix car, she gave me a nice pen and giant bag of ETIHAD Jelly Beans, BUT, wait for this she also asked if I wanted to go by Limo to see the Man City v Man UTD match in Manchester tomorrow night, free ticket and transport. shit, shit , shit I should have said yes!

Oh well decided a massage would have to do, asked the therapist to give my tight shoulders a good going over, which she did!

Massage Tent

Then back to collecting freebies and having a good time, quite a haul today, T-shirts, enough pens to open a stationery shop, sweets, hats, shopping bags, tea, Malaysian cakes and bumped into a character from my childhood. Last year I got a picture with the worlds head honcho, this year it was on the Peru stand that I ended up bumping into Paddington Bear. Paddington came from Peru and was found by Mr Brown at Paddington station with a sign round his neck saying “Please look after this bear”, or so it said in the books that taught me to read all those years ago and first made me look in an Atlas to find out where Peru was and set my wanderlust in motion though I have yet to visit Peru, so here is me and Paddington.

Paddington BearSo after a nice day out what better way to finish it off than to go and do practice in a nice warm Shala, especially when train company decide to add restrictions to my return ticket which would have meant hanging around the station for 2 hours, so instead round the corner to AYL. Juicy humid heat as soon as I walked in, time for a few nice stretches to warm up, the chant at 6pm and head to knee on Surya number 2, you just know when it’s going to be a good one, well I seem to, my hamstrings have length, despite a day walking miles, my arms had strength and the whole practice just flowed. Nice assists in Prasarita C and UHP. Seated was great, all the Mari’s bound and a first at AYL, I was in Kurmasana and got told to wait, the Kurmasana was such a deep one in the slithery heat that the teacher crossed my already nearly bound feet for Supta K then said do the rest yourself as he could see I could. I t was such a good one I was loathe to release it, Dwi Pada and a very stable Titibhasana exit.

But the best was yet to come, I had a couple of oh so close attempts at Pasasana, then help arrived, first side not great, lost balance, but the second side my fingers were touching already and a nudge from teacher and they bound by themselves, he joined them a little tighter for me, then I suddenly realised I was not being supported, I was doing Pasasana on my own, without tipping over and found I that because my fingers were well bound I could actually get a deeper twist, wooo hoo. OK I know there’s a long way still to go and no doubt the next time I try it things will fall apart, but doing it once instills a belief that maybe I can get there.

It was hard to get my mind into backbends after the yeee haaa moment, I did an extra Urdva Dhanurasana, then after a couple of abortive dropbacks I told my mind to shut up and concentrate for 3 safely landed dropbacks, then got 3 assisted ones. AYL was very busy, people queuing to start, so when I went into the finishing room, there wasn’t initially any room. Had to wait for someone to move before completing my practice.

So 3 Shala practices in the last 4 days, at 3 different Shala’s with 3 different teachers, makes me wish I could get a Shala practice more than my usual once a week, my practice is so much better for the consistency of practising in that environment. Roll on Sunday!


8 Responses to “DLR 2 WTM & home via AYL!”

  1. susananda Says:

    Glad you had a great practice, but can’t believe you passed up the Manchester derby!!!!

  2. V Says:

    If there is no space left in the finishing room (because everyone there is finishing and there is no one starting the practice that you can swap with), then you are entitled to go back to your spot in the main room and finish there. I did that this morning.

  3. globie Says:

    Good plan V, but my spot in the main room had already been taken by someone waiting. I ended up starting closing next to the kitchen area, then ended up lengthways by the radiator. But it was OK 🙂

  4. V Says:

    Right. In the mornings, H keeps a keen eye on the finishing room so he’ll actually tell you to stay before you even stand up.

    Personally, I’d go to the person and say I’m sorry but there is no space in the finishing room so I have to finish here, but that’s just me and my harpy ways 🙂

  5. globie Says:

    Yes Louise did that the other Sunday. The assistant (don’t know her name)last night, was taking a beginner through their paces in the finishing room, so teacher was a bit busy with a full main room on his own.

  6. Pat Moore Says:

    Great photos!

  7. Globie Says:

    Thanks Pat, was a fun day

  8. susiegb Says:

    Awwh – already the crowded AYL seems like just a memory! However crowded where I practice in Brisbane gets, it’s never like that! I’ll see this arvo when I go off there! Great that you managed Pasasana (with just a little help) – I do know what you mean about believing you can get a pose now!!

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