Saturday practice report

Yes a Saturday report again, not because Sunday is Moon day like next week, but because this Sunday they have yet again replaced the first train with a bus that leaves hours earlier, to no doubt be driven by someone without a sense of direction, english as a first language or Satnav, I have given up, I just can’t be arsed to get up  and struggle into the city.

There are some big advantages going in on a Saturday, more trains, no need to Olympic sprint through the tube and a sparsely populated Shala. Disadvantages being, not my regular teacher, though a very good one who I like enormously, and I miss my Shala buddies 😦 , apart from that practice is practice.

I tend to get left alone mostly in standing, apart from a squish in downward dog I just get to plough through. This seems to happen with most teachers nowadays, my postures are far from perfect to my mind, but my practice must have reached a fairly decent state to be consistently left to my own devices.

It was warm in there despite there being just 7 of us, the heat really built up, a nice rythmn in seated and a “That was a good one” comment from M about my straight legged jump through after a very deep Paschimottanasana squishing. I have just started to re-instate very careful jump throughs, my left wrist, touch wood, seems to be better and jumping both forward and back does seem to help the flow of the practice. My right knee is still unhappy, despite not doing a full Mari D for about 6 weeks, it just about puts up with Ardha Badha and Mari B. A nice nose flat to the knee assist in Mari A and a surprise as I managed to take the wrist in Mari B, that hasn’t happened for a while.

I sometimes find it strange that I can do Supta Kurmasana, bind it nicely and stay there going deeper if the mood takes me, strange because opposite me today was a row of 5, 30 something skinny yogis who all had an assortment of belts and blocks, but were nowhere near binding either end on their own. Why can I do it when those much younger with a better physicality for it can’t?

Baddha Konasana is another one of M’s super forward bend assists, she easily gets my head to the floor, its not strained, I am not resistant, I just go with it and my nose hits the mat.

Another “proper” Pasasana, as M calls it today, though I had 2 goes on each side on my own first, then I get the “Heals down” instruction and wham bam I’m squatting in a sealed knot, no fuss or bother. Unlike Tuesday having the heals down I can’t keep the balance on my own.

I had to do quite a few Urdva Dhanurasanas before I got a decent one, I think I must have “backbended” myself out on Friday evening. M watched again this week as I did my dropbacks, not good ones, I just didn’t seem to have the energy to control the descent, but landed 3 without giving myself concussion, but it was a case of getting them done, not much energy for the walking in and rocking experiments. I just decided to stop and do forward bend and was glad of the nice long squishing, I know my breath was getting a bit raspy and the extra long squish allowed me to take back control before finishing off practice.

After practice I was a bit headachy and tired, dehydration was mostly to blame, we had no water at home last night after a water main burst down the road, had we realised earlier we would have filled the kettle and some containers, but by the time we found out there was nothing coming out of the tap and nowhere open to even buy any bottled water.

I rehydrated over brunch with a couple of Yogi pals, tea and of course my croissants, just because its Saturday I was till going to enjoy my post yoga treat, because I’m worth it!



12 Responses to “Saturday practice report”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    So will you be staying home tomorrow? We don’t have an option for Saturday practice here with my teacher. I could always go to Boulder but it’s an hour drive – too far even with my hybrid. You don’t know how fortunate – not lucky though since I know you’ve worked hard for it – that Supta Kurmasana works so well for you. Again, I’m envious. But being young and skinny doesn’t always guarantee success in yoga. Persistence is much more important, as you well know. It sounds like your Pasasana is progressing nicely. Soon I’ll be hearing you complain about how hard Kapotasana is! I’m looking forward to hearing about your UD insight. Maybe it can help the rest of us who are stuck on the same ledge. Lead the way!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,
    Yep I get a lay in on a Sunday for the first time in months, not through choice I would love to practice, but its too much hassle. We have the Saturday Mysore option at Triyoga and The Lifecentre, though I would always practice at YP or AYL out of choice, they both have a heat and energy that doesn’t seem to be present at the more corporate places.

    Some people do seem to have a body with the right proportions, they fly through primary into 2nd, overtaking some us who have been slogging for years. I never ever expected to do Supta K, it was quite a shock when my hands first joined up. It was about belief more than anything, I don’t think I was trying enough before because I thought it would never happen, but once Cary put me in it I thought my body must be capable and with that belief came the mental and physical effort to do it on my own, the attitude to the asana changed completely.

    Pasasana is progressing, but I think you are going to have a long wait before you hear me moaning about Kapo. I am getting my head around the UD stand up thing, our Susan has been very helpful with this, but it feels no nearer happening.

  3. daydreamingmel Says:

    Kevin, it’s not about age, plain and simple. Also I disagree with your comment that some people have the “right proportions”. How can you have the right proportions for a spiritual practice? Let’s not forget the yoga is found not in being able to do something, but in coming up against something you can’t do – either for physical, mental or emotional reasons – and how you learn to deal with that.
    Anyway nagging over, glad you enjoyed your saturday practice and have a nice long sleep tomorrow!

  4. Globie Says:

    Ha ha Mel you know what I mean! Though I know what you are saying too, as I was just making notes from Kino interview about the spiritual path

    It’s going to be strange sleeping on a Sunday though I plan to enjoy tomorrow & next Sundays moon day. Enjoy your practice in the morning

  5. AC Says:

    AND I thought all along we were doing a physical practice which had mental benefits…………..

    Why am I going to enter the gates of hell again, Astanga or otherwise? 🙂


  6. susananda Says:

    Glad you had a nice practice and good pasasana assist 🙂

    You didn’t miss any excitement today, it was pretty quiet and no breakfasting after.

    Keep at the bed hanging!

  7. Globie Says:

    AC I thought you were already enlightened. Though at least your practice is subject to a few rules these days 🙂

    Hi Susan, Will have to be the same again next weekend, what with Sunday Moon day, can’t not have a Shala practice.

    I have been bed hanging for 15 minutes most days, but am tempted to ask Santa for a Silver ball like yours which looks a better more comfortable shape for the back to drape over. We have new benches at the station, they are just the right height for backbending while delayed!

  8. susananda Says:

    Actually let me have a look… I have a ball somewhere which I haven’t inflated since I moved, due to lack of space and discovering the bed edge. If I can find it, it’s yours! You’re right, it may be more comfortable at least to start.

  9. Globie Says:

    Thanks Susan, though surprised you find the bed edge as good. There was nobody else at the station and the back of the new bench was crying out to be back bent over

  10. susananda Says:

    The ball has a rounded softer shape, so is gentler, the bed edge can get between each pair of vertebrae and is more intense. For me the ball isn’t enough anymore. Yes, all manner of benches and chairs are good too! The one behind reception at YP is excellent 🙂

  11. Globie Says:

    I think it’s why my back aches a bit after the bed hanging, even if it’s helping my shoulders.

    2 hour practice this afternoon, felt weird practicing at home on a Sunday

  12. Pat Moore Says:

    Richard Freeman used to joke that the best “edge” to cultivate openness in the spine would be a hard, sharp block: wood, steel, etc. I’m sore pretty regularly (in the upper back and shoulders) after practices so I guess that means I’m not exactly at a physical plateau now, just a postural one!

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