The wobbly full moon imbalance

After a stop start yoga week thanks to the black ice and an injured shoulder and arm, it was nice to get back to one of my Shala’s today and have a surprisingly decent practice. I had no expectations, should I ever, but having only done one very slow full primary at home on Thursday and a totally criminal 2nd series backbend fest last night, I wasn’t exactly what I would consider “yoga fit” as I stepped on to my mat at TLC this morning. A very exclusive class too, with just 4 of us and Philippa teaching, so far more assists than I normally get.

I was into my Surya B’s when P stopped me to point out my ankles tendency to roll outwards in upward dog, which she said was compromising my lower back, so she got me to do it with the ankles straighter so that I was more on the tops of my feet, I could feel the difference in my lower back almost immediately. Nice assists in Prasarita C and D, quite unusual to get any help in D. UHP was funny, 3 out of the 4 students started together and we all seemed to get to UHP at the same time, while P was downdog squishing the 4th student, she laughed as one after another we all got the wobble on and fell out. She said it was the full moon making us imbalanced, though I have noticed this with UHP in the past in led primary that once one person loses it others soon follow. Also it used to be one of the unofficial games at the Friday counted practice, trying to get the person opposite to lose it, made things a bit more interesting along with the “Holding chitvari” game, those were the days LOL.

A better seated sequence than I expected, though I had to stop jumping through after Navasana, my shoulder was moaning and I was running out of steam or should that be puff? Though after a very nice assist in Mari B, where again made the wrist bind, I was setting up for Mari D on the first side when P sat next to me and took me into a really deep bind, I noticed when she took the arm around the knee she did it much higher than I usually do, will have to experiment with that. I was in 2 minds about the second side of Mari D, I havn’t even attempted it in over 6 weeks because it pissed my right knee off so much, but she was waiting for me after the vinyasa, so I thought she’s very intuitive with her assists, so I decided to go with it and bail out if I had to, initially I thought it was going to be too much for the knee, but then I found some kind of space and wodya know I was bound in the second side. Nice one Philippa 🙂  She knows I can do Supta Kurmasana on my own, so lets me get into it, then appears to take it deeper, before her piece de resistance, taking me into Dwi Pada with hands at prayer, OMG I love doing that, I must have a really stupid grin on my face.

Great to have help again with Pasasana today, unlike C & M,  P is in the “Get the bind and don’t worry about the feet being flat” camp. Nice bind 🙂

All last nights backbends must have helped today, I didn’t lay on my mat trying to coerce myself up into Urdva Dhanurasana, I just set my feet and pushed up, I had done a couple, then got assisted for 3 moving the hands in closer each time, though I can’t see my feet so not sure how close I actually was. Usually P is waiting for me to do assisted dropbacks, but managed to beat her to it today and landed a couple of unassisted ones while she was assisting next door, first time she has seen me do them on my own, the last time I practised with her my wrist was still stopping me doing it. The assisted ones were not very controlled on my part, my breath coordination wasn’t there, though according to P, I wasn’t breathing at all!

So a surprisingly good practice after such an erratic injury ravaged yoga week, one of those practices where you start off with the mind saying you should have stayed in bed etc and by the end feeling like it was the best thing you are going to do all day, which it is really.

Walked back via the Farmers Market, couldn’t resist the free range organic Eccles cakes, better for me than a handful of LPQ sugar lumps I suppose.


2 Responses to “The wobbly full moon imbalance”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    Glad to hear your practice went well. As you succinctly put it: it is the best thing we do all day! Curious to hear what the Prasarita Padattonasana D assist was. I never get those either, they aren’t very common. It is fun to get a different perspective at times but it can be confusing to incorporate the different viewpoints at times. I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly!

  2. Globie Says:

    Hi Pat
    The Prasarita D was her kind of pushing down on my shoulders and it was downwards it wasn’t making me gonforwards, as you say it’s a rare one to get.

    I tried the different ankle position in upward dog at home tonight and the feeling in the Lower back is different.

    The arm is pretty much ok, it’s the shoulder that still seems to have to recover, I suppose it’s not always what looks the most damaged that actually is. I have a massage booked for Thursday which should help

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