Tieing the knot day

The Royals have chosen 29 April for their wedding next year. It’s a very auspicious day for tieing knots, it was April 29th this year that Kino gave me Pasasana, Sealed knot posture, while I was in Thailand. It’s coming, but I would love my fingers to join up by the time William and Kate tie their knot.

Hopefully below is a photo of my nice new red Bolster that arrived today. I bought it not for laying on, but to aid my standing up from backbend experiments. I have been working hard on walking my hands closer to my feet in Urdva Dhanurasana and I am beginning to feel the difference. I am consistently landing dropbacks without crashing my head, so now I’m working on this standing up game. The Futon has become too easy to do it from, but the floor still seems a mile away, I needed something in-between and the bolster is a good 10 inches lower than the Futon.

IT WORKED! After a couple of goes that it took me to remember the “head last” mantra on number 3 I dropped back, straightened my feet up, rocked and wow up I came. Just to prove it wasn’t a freak I did it a few more times. The bolster has somehow made it easier to keep the head back as I come up, now I just need to work out how to do it off the ground.


14 Responses to “Tieing the knot day”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    Wow! So you’re landing your hands on the bolster then standing back up? That is sooooooo cool!
    Unrelated, but I thought Westminster Abbey was for “royal” weddings only – Diana was not royal enough so she and Prince Charles married in St. Paul’s. Or was the tour guide messing with us?

  2. Globie Says:

    Hi Pat,
    Yes AC told me about this trick a while ago. I dropback onto the bolster, straighten my feet up, straighten my arms and have the hands on the edge of the Bolster, then rock a litle and come up to standing. Once this stage is done, then I need to try on blocks, then one day from the mat!

    I think there is a choice as to where they get married, the Monarch automatically becomes head of The Church of England on succession, it doesn’t matter that Kate is a “commoner”.

  3. arturo Says:

    Dear Kev
    The April 29 reference of yours made me chuckle. I’m having trouble understanding how you used the bolster. On which side of your hands was it? Inside, towards the feet, or outside? I imagine Inside. But if so, how did it help? If outside, on the wall, then it’s just a bolster against the wall, right? So it being there reminded you to bring the head last?

  4. arturo Says:

    (uhm, doh, I didn’t read your comment to Pat. OK, now, what holds the bolster from rolling, the wall? probably. did you not experience any pain on the wrists when landing? I guess not, you were in control enough.)

  5. globie Says:

    Hi Arturo,

    The wall stops the Bolster rolling away on landing. I stand a couple of feet in front of the Bolster with my back to it, I do a normal dropback, but land on the Bolster instead of the mat, I adjust my feet so they are not splayed, then adjust my hands so they are on the edge of the Bolster, then straighten the arms and rock a little until I feel the time is right for lift off. I was quite surprised it worked so quickly, I thought I would maybe have to raise the bolster a little. Head Last is what it all sems to be about!

  6. StEvE Says:

    When you come up, are you sure you’re not stopping the inhale halfway? Lots of people fall back down when they do that.

  7. globie Says:

    Hi Steve
    I really struggle with the breath in backbends, probably the reason I used to feel dizzy on the way back up. I seem to run out of air way before the bottom when I dropback and the breath never seems synchronised on the way back up

  8. StEvE Says:

    But can’t you get back into the swing of it with ‘exhale, rock back, inhale rock fwd., exhale rock back, Inhale rock fwd., exhale rock back, inhale stand up.’? The breath-movement co-ordination is really important.

  9. globie Says:

    I try, but my brain is trying to work out when to try and push off and up. Its weird that on the first go from the Bolster on Wednesday I did it, but since then they havn’t been as good at all. I didn’t expect to do it on Wednesday but did it, then expected to do it and can’t.

  10. V Says:

    Be really careful with the breath. Nancy Gilgoff told me in Goa that my debilitating back pain could very well be caused by me stopping breathing before I reach the floor!

  11. globie Says:

    Hi V
    So did Nancy tell you to try and lengthen the breath or take another inhale on the way down?

    Once I run out of air I think I tighten up in my back as i semi panic looking for the floor

  12. StEvE Says:

    I think lengthening the breath carries a lot of merit (not only in back bends). If you can, take a look at the movies of Guruji teaching Richard Freeman & Chuck Miller; you’ll see what I mean.

  13. V Says:

    Lengthen the breath. If you do another inhale, then you have to ensure that you do the corresponding exhale, as it wouldn’t be good to land your hands on an inhale.

  14. globie Says:

    Makes sense V. Practice practice…

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