No thinking, more breathing!

So much for my plan to return to my “home” Shala today after weeks of Moon days and non train Sundays, The departure time came and passed as the would be passengers turned into icicles on a freezing platform, until 40 minutes late a train loomed out of the merk to take us into the city, no way could I get to YP before 9am, I had already decided on plan B, the short walk round to AYL. I was frozen to the core by the time Louise opened the door for me, my fingers too cold to press the entry code and I homed in on the spot next to the big radiator that nobody else seemed to want, OMG did I need it to thaw out.

It took a while to get going, mentally I was there, but physically my body was stiff with cold, I even did extra Surya’s to try and get moving and generate some heat, extra Surya B’s meant double squsihing as both teachers did a Downward dog squish. I was lapping up the heat from the radiator I can tell you and the teachers warm hands on my lower back, it felt like every joint had to be defrosted one by one. Apart from the usual PPC assist I was left alone, it was steady and felt good. I got to UHP, which is a problem in the corner for the first side, I thought I’ll just stick my foot a little way out, didn’t see Teacher waiting to take it a tad further than I had planned!

I tried to keep the momentum up in seated, but I wasnt generating the usual heat despite the radiator, nowhere near the usual sweat drenched state I usually get into at AYL. Little things didn’t happen, like the exit from Bhuja, but I did manage to beat the teachers into Supta Kurmasana 🙂  Usually they are on you to assist, I hung out in Kurmasana then thought I better do it myself, by the time Ruth arrived I had crossed my feet and grabbed my fingers, just leaving her to help tighten the finger bind, but the exit was not great, I just wasn’t deep enough to get the Dwi Pada exit.

Louise did a nice job helping to bind my Pasasana, asking me after who had “given” it me. I had to explain it was Kino and I continued doing it with Cary’s blessing, she was kind enough to explain that its my shoulder rotation which is stopping me binding on my own, I need more up and over than just round, she reckons there are a few free centimetres to be had.

I was a bit nervous of doing backbends, my back had felt rigid from the cold and despite all the upward dogs I still wasn’t sure there was much openness going on. I decided to start with some little bridges to test the water, then found Urdva Dhanurasana better than expected, I did some extra ones, walking in and trying to rock before standing to do dropbacks. I wanted to do some dropbacks on my own before help arrived, there is still a fear factor to this and I figure the more I do on my own the less mental energy this will eventually take. I managed 4 before Ruth came along, the last time I practised with her she had to help me back, today she told me my dropbacks looked good, to go back on my own, then she helped me up.  I am not sure what changes when I have a teacher in front of me doing this, my breathing gets ragged and I run out of air by half way, then at the bottom I just couldn’t seem to synchronise the exhale back, inhale up as she rocked me back up to standing. She could see what was happening and came out with title of this post “NO THINKING, MORE BREATHING“. I know exactly what should happen, but thinking about it while trying to do it seems to make it worse, at least I remembered “Head last”.

The Finishing Room seemed chilly, I  lost my hard gained heat quite quickly during closing and was glad of a blanket for Savasana.

Yogi breakfast after, lovely 🙂 …. then an awful journey home, despite all that and the temptation at 7.30am to abandon the whole thing and go back home to bed I’m glad I went and a bit disappointed that next Sunday as Louise reminded me on the way out,  is yet another Moon day.

Back to the Bolster experiments tomorrow, no thinking more breathing, or at least breathing at the right time.


6 Responses to “No thinking, more breathing!”

  1. susiegb Says:

    Glad you at least made it to AYL – I cannot imagine how cold it must be for you not to warm up the second you walk in the door there! I always had to take my glasses off the second I opened the door as they’d instantly fog up from the heat!!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Susie
    My glasses steamed up but it wasn’t as warm in there as it can be. It was bitterly cold this morning.

  3. StEvE Says:


    David Garrigues has just posted a couple of drop-back/come up vids on his blog. They may help you.

  4. globie Says:

    Thanks Steve, will check it out when I get home.

  5. Pat Moore Says:

    I’m curious – which shoulder needs more rotation? It’s probably obvious to everyone else but I’m having trouble visualising it. Yesterday I saw my teacher have someone push up to her fingertips to gain a bit more height for her hands during assisted standing up. Looks hard!

  6. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,
    Its the top one that needs to lift a bit before it goes round to try and make more space and get a bit more length, I could see what she meant, but putting it into practice is another matter.

    Finger tips sounds hard

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