Some Shala heat at last

After a week of being cold and never really feeling like I ever got warm it was nice to practice at TLC this morning with M and 5 other yoga folk. Its a nice intimate class looking out over the roof tops, until the windows get steamed up by the breathing. Everyone is a regular, same faces in the same places, but I feel comfortable in the small Loft space, able to be fully in my practice.

Well after the mental not to mention blog thoughts of the last weeks, I decided to not exactly take it easy today, but to just not push myself, to just do my practice and accept it for what and where it was. Michaela is the right teacher for this kind of practice, she doesn’t push, but quietly advises and adjusts. She watches and waits, knowing where each of us needs a tweak or help with a bind.

I realised my practice was slow when I saw the 3 others who started at the same time doing Dandasana while I was being assisted in UHP, not that it matters, but I don’t like to get too slow or I lose the internal focus. I thought I had better get on with it a bit and seated progressed much faster. A lovely all my own work Supta Kurmasana,Dwi Pada, Titibhasana exit but my arms collapsed before I could manoevre into Bakasana, M laughed when I said I had run out of energy! A nice squish in Baddha Konasana and as ever she was there to ground my feet and bind me in Pasasana. I seem to alternate between teachers who insist on the feet being flat and those that say just get the bind and worry about the feet some other time.

Backbends came hard, despite all the upward dogs in the vinyasas, it was a struggle, worrying about my tweaky lower back, yes too much “thinking” but eventually I managed 3 decent ones before doing 3 dropbacks with a bit of rocking. M had watched all this from her perch, then came over and had me do 5 more with assistance to stand. She was saying about how much harder or not it was for her to help me back up, depending on where my hands landed in relation to my feet. She says taking the hands back with them in prayer above my head is helping my shoulders, but I need to split the hands sooner before trying to land, more to work on, there’s always more! But nice to have help and by this point I was the last one doing backbends so nobody else was waiting, so she had time to spend helping me, usually there is a queue isnt there.

A nice unstressful practice, just what I needed, just a shame tomorrow is Moon day.


2 Responses to “Some Shala heat at last”

  1. susananda Says:

    The ones who put your feet flat are probably the ones who can do so without knocking you over 🙂

    Michela sounds a lovely teacher, I really must drop in there some time.

  2. globie Says:

    Michaela has never knocked me over, she has a way of balancing you before she completes the bind. She is a great teacher, she found my Ujayi for me when others couldn’t

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