State of trying to stand

I decided to try an experiment, video my dropback and standing up attempts just to see what it looked like, if it looks as ungainley as it feels.

The first video I made was useful in that it showed me that my arms were too wide, delete and try again, my back didn’t quite have the bend it sometimes does and this is why I touched off the wall as I thought I was going to land too far back on the second go, but I did manage to stand, the floor still looks a  bit far to stand from. I do seem to get better stand ups when I get a deeper bend in the upper back. I did bend my elbows too much, but trying not to think, yet remember what to do is a challenge, but I am getting the inhale up and head back


8 Responses to “State of trying to stand”

  1. arturo Says:

    Dear Kev
    That looks good. Being an armchair critic at the moment. Grimmly made a comment in Claudia’s about rotation of the pelvis anticlockwise helping him with dropbacks. I haven’t tried it but wander if you’ve thought about that.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Arturo

    That was quick! My dropbacks are different every day, I didn’t have the openness tonight. When my dropback is deeper I can stand from just the Bolster because my hips are higher and more forward, they were too far back tonight, but I still managed to stand from the Bolster with the mysore rug underneath, about an inch & half higher.

  3. grimmly Says:

    Looked pretty smooth coming up Kevin. I’ve been working a lot on the breath lately trying to drop back slowly with it but more importantly come up with the inhale. I used to inhale too quickly, my lungs would be full half way up and it would stop me dead or i would still get up but only just. Now I’m slowing the inhale, not snatching at it and it’s like a balloon inflating bringing me all the way. Something to work on from the bolster perhaps.

  4. Globie Says:

    Thanks Grim
    I have had a big problem coordinating the breath , inhaling up felt alien. I’m not sure how much inhale I am getting as I come up as I have been more concerned with keeping the head back. It does feel like it should be possible now, even though it’s not physically there yet

  5. grimmly Says:

    It’s hard, I’ve been coming up for a while now but only got the breath right in the last couple of months. Even tried doing it with a microphone on to try and record it for a video, didn’t work. Same thing going back, didn’t think I’d ever be able to breathe while hanging back, now I start going back on a breath perhaps take a small one and let it out slowly the rest of the way down or do it all in one long slow one (found i used to be holding my breath when dropping back the last little bit. Bit of a trick to it, wall and futon etc seem a good way to work on it. It probably comes with feeling more comfortable going back, less of a panic again, futon /bolsters great ideas glad to see the certified Ashtangi David Garrigues recommends using them.

    Of course you can dropback and come up with your breathing all over the place ( I did ) but so much smoother and less effort when it’s helping you. It’ll come

  6. Pat Moore Says:

    I think you look good. It will come, patience is tough at times.

  7. globie Says:

    Thanks Pat, I live more in hope than expectation.

  8. Ursula Says:

    This is great, really. Awesome. Legs are parallel. The front is stretched. Wow. I need another year…..hahaha.

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