Sri Lanka

after a very long journey I finally arrived in a truly beautiful spot, AshtangaLanka is right on the beach in a quiet cove. No practice on Saturdays or moon days so a day to settle in and meet my fellow yogis and Kathy the teacher.

I woke up early thanks to a jet lagged nights sleep, but practice was oh so stiff after 4 days off Everything was tight, there was no length in the hamstrings and calf muscles, all the standing forward bends felt way off where they would normally be on a Sunday morning. I wasn’t lacking energy just flexibility. It turned into a 2 hour practice, which is fine here, no need to rush, nobody waiting for a shala space. I was quite surprised to bind all the Mari’s and Supta K, but not a great exit, losing dwi pada. I was in my own little world doing Baddha Konasana, to the point that I jumped when Kathy came behind me to adjust me.

She did manage to bind Pasasana for me. Backbends were a physical and mental trial, eventually managed 3 ok Urdva Dhanurasana but bailed out on dropbacks my back was too tight and there are no crash landing props.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a bendier body


3 Responses to “Sri Lanka”

  1. Ahu Says:

    great to meet you finally Globie! you will get bendier and stronger as you settle in! enjoy…

  2. Pat Says:

    Glad you made it okay. Stiffness is ok, all things considered. Tomorrow will be much better. Enjoy the beach!

  3. Globie Says:

    Maya it’s great to meet you as well
    Pat day 2 was easier and so nice to paddle in the sea 🙂

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