Moon day in Galle

A very auspicious day, full moon and a Lunar eclipse, so obviously no practice today. A day to get out and explore so I took a 2 hour bus trip along the coast to Galle, hoping to meet up with Juliet who gives talks to the travel club and to see the old town, which is located inside the fort. A fairly comfortable bus trip, I found Juliet’s Cafe but alas she was in Colombo. Never mind tea and a chat with her Sri Lankan brother in law, then off to explore at which point the heavens opened, a deluge that was not going to abate for a while, I just chanced on an Ayurvedic centre and decided a half hour neck and shoulder massage would keep me dry. It was ok, not a Miss Steelthumbs type, afterwards they gave me a herbal Ayurvedic drink, yeeeuuuuuuk, truly disgusting, never have I craved a handful of LPQ sugar lumps so much! It had almost stopped raining by now so I had a walk around the Walls to the Lighthouse as thunder and lightening crashed around. Galle Fort is a great place to wander but not when you are getting drenched. Mid afternoon lunch and then I saw a bus heading towards home so decided to jump on, what a good decision this time the rain was monsoonal, the driver couldn’t see but still drove like a maniac! So not quite the moonday I had planned but it was a fun expedition. Back to yoga tomorrow


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