So close

i just seem to know when it’s going to be a good one, after about the third Surya A I just knew. Really strong practice, all the length in the Janu’s, all the Mari binds and a super Dwi pada exit from Supta K. Kathy bound my first Pasasana on each side and my subsequent attempts on either side had the fingers overlapping but not quite joining up. Nice help from Jacob with dropbacks, getting me to have my feet nearer together and not send my knees/hips so far forward, good controlled landings. I did lots of extra backbends and was really surprised that I was still done within 2 hours, though I’m going to have to speed up when I get home. I just hope my final practice tomorrow is as good before I spend the rest of the day travelling to Kandy


2 Responses to “So close”

  1. arturo Says:

    Dear Kev
    Was the acro yoga photo taken during your trip?

  2. Kevin Says:

    Hi Arturo

    Yes the photo was taken one afternoon, Kirsty and Jacob were playingf around.

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