From yoga to Kandy

My final practice at ashtangalanka, another nice one where everything happened as it should, well apart from a head first landing on the first dropback, ooops havn’t done that in a while. Pasasana again my fingers are overlaying each other on the second side but just not quite able to get it together, I didn’t think it was possible for them to be this close without being able to bind. My squat is getting more stable as well, which is allowing me to wriggle round that bit more. Surely it will happen sooner rather than later.

Ashtangalanka was a great choice, really good value, beautiful setting, good teaching and a nice group of yogi’s, great to meet Ahu at last and also talk to someone I have ocassionally seen in London but never spoken to. A much better way to spend Christmas than in the cold at home.

Finally I had to leave and because the train wasn’t running part of the way I shelled out for a private transfer up to Kandy. 5 bum numbing hours, though not without some sights like a massive flood in the road, bats hanging from Trees, the Presidents helicopter buzzing over, the hardest part was finding the hotel once we got to Kandy, turns out to be a little further out of the city than the blurb says! Lovely Hotel though, very raj-esque! I have a massive room looking out to the grounds and a shower that does hot water, OMG that was bliss last night.

Best nights sleep since I got here, a short pre breakfast practice up to Janu A, really I was just looking forward to exploring somewhere new. The bus into the city only costs 12p for the 11km, though it took an hour, it dropped me next to the Queens Hotel, so rock cakes and banana cake for breakfast with a massive pot of tea! Exploring is fun, not many tourists about, though its hard to stop some of the locals trying to tag along and take you places you dont want to go. Along the lake shore I saw some enormous Monitor lizards, they are poisonous, so a good job I had my zoom lens. Lots of Turtles basking in Supta K and some white birds.

I was going to see the Temple of the Tooth, but stupidly I am wearing shorts, so will have to go another day. Kandy feels like a metropolis after the coast, noise, dirt, beggars. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to see the baby elephants.

It hasn’t rained today so far, that’s an improvement, though I havn’t seen the sun either.


4 Responses to “From yoga to Kandy”

  1. arturo Says:

    Dear Kev
    This just seems like my kind of vacation. Thanks for sharing your experiences of it.

  2. globie Says:

    Its been great, may come again next Christmas, though there’s much to be decided come June 2011, so who knows……..

  3. Pat Moore Says:

    I’m showing my American ignorance again, but what or where exactly is “Kandy”?

  4. globie Says:

    Ha ha Pat, Kandy is a city in the central highlands of Sri Lanka

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