Last practice in 2010

A long day, I left Kandy at 7.30am in the pouring rain, hoping that 2 buses and nearly 100km later the sun would come out by the time I got to Sigiriya, Sri Lanka’s prime tourist attraction, but the farther north I went the heavier the rain fell. I saw Sigiriya through the clouds, but after speaking to an Italian lady who had just come down from the top decided it wasn’t worth the extortionate entry to see nothing and get even wetter than I already was, a shame, maybe next time. So back to Kandy, 3 hours standing on a bus, the bandhas get a good workout I can tell you!

Back in town I decided to have some pamper time, I had the most fantastic pedicure, my feet were a real state after 2 weeks in Sandals, I thought she was going to take a grinder to my heels! Lovely leg and foot massage included.

Practice in my room last night, nothing left out, well I say that, bouncing around in buses has made my back very sore, so although I did UD’s I had to leave off the drop backs, I’d already had Room  service arrive after crash landing Supta Konasana! Pasasana on the second side is still there I’m glad to say, I just hope its still there when I get home to my Shala on Monday. So that was my last practice of the year, a year in which I have failed to stand up from a dropback, but was given Pasasana back in April by Kino and bound it on my own in December, there is always something to work on.

My last day in Sri Lanka, I went to the Tea Museum this morning, had a free guided tour before being made a pot of tea, my idea of tourism.

Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!


3 Responses to “Last practice in 2010”

  1. roselil Says:

    Also happy new year to you and a big thank you for your continuous postings about your yoga journey.

  2. Globie Says:

    Hi Roselil

    Thanks for following my journey, best wishes for the new year

  3. globie Says:

    3am somehow got to the airport in one piece. I was worried when the Taxi driver insisted on pulling over at a roadside shrine where he put some coins in a slot and said a prayer to ward off accidents. The journey was dangerous, we followed 2 buses who were racing each other, at times they were 3 abreast as they overtook something with the traffic coming from the opposite direction flashing lights and honking horns as they were pushed into the side. We also got stopped 3 times by the Police, but no cops around when maniac bus drivers are having a drag race.

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