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Baby steps

January 31, 2011

Since finally getting home on Friday night I have been taking it very easy. I have lost weight, energy, strength and stamina after effectively spending 10 days on my back. Psychologically I am feeling much better, but physically I am still tired and I have no appetite, the infection, drugs and surgery have obviously taken a lot out of me. I know its going to take time, the healing needed alone  just from the surgery is quite extensive.

Ashtangis just can’t stay still, the urge to stretch finally became too great yesterday and I started to try some postures. I can’t warm up that well because Surya’s are impossible with not being able to put weight into my hands. So basically I just did the first standing pose and carried on from there. I was quite surprised to find that I havn’t lost as much flexibility as I feared, easily grabbing my toe in Trikonasana. The first slight hitch was Prasarita C when I pitched forward and nearly nutted the radiator! I realised I am not quite steady yet so skipped the standing balances. Seated are a vinyasa free zone, I have to miss out poses like Purvottanasana, Bhuja and lowering into Supta K, where my wrist would get mightily annoyed. I cant really bind the Marichyasanas, as I cant pull the hands together. Navasana was actually ok, though I’m sure I could hear air coming out of all those injection holes in my stomach! I was doing Baddha Konasana when I was bed bound, so seem to have lost nothing with that one, though I’m doing it stretching the hands forward rather than holding the toes. I have lost so much weight I decided to try Pasasana just for fun, despite a lack of twist I can still finger touch! No backbends or inversions just yet, in case the world clouds over and it all goes wrong, but Savasana in the sun.

The same again today, though a bit interupted by the Postman and calls from the District Nurse about I need to do with the dressing.

So baby steps, but it just felt soooooo good to stretch and breathe, I need to build up slowly and not get too ambitious, Helen and Flo sent me some good advice on how to start.

I have been missing all the action, I slept through a drunk driver taking out a parked car, followed by 4 Cop cars and a dog handler chasing them after the perp legged it down the road. I have also missed a shop in the town and the flats above collapsing into the street, luckily no injuries as it was empty, but the High Street is now closed and what’s left looks like it could come down anytime.


Getting out is harder than getting in!

January 28, 2011

Hooooooooray I’m home at last.

It’s surprisingly harder to escape the NHS than get admitted. Last Thursday it took me less than 2 hours from arriving at A&E to being admitted for the duration.

After a drip and breakfast the Orthopedic Doctors arrived at 9am, they unwound the mile of bandage, the second layer of softer packing, surgical tape, then more little squares and then finally painfully peeled off a mesh gauze to reveal the extent of the surgery. A bit like pass the parcel without intermediate presents.

Despite the pain of the last few days just a very neat little square, but quite a deep incision, down to the new clean cells, but I was very pleased and so were the Doctors who said “you can go home ”

Well it took one more drip and 9 more hours to finally get through my front door. I am a patient patient and was actually asleep at 2pm when another came for a final look and chat and to start the paperwork. I asked him about using the arm, he said do it to increase the blood flow but back away as soon as I feel a thing, I think that’s permission to start a tentative practice

They were desperate for the bed by 3pm at which point they finally removed the canula needles from my sore left arm and sent me to the “Discharge Suite”. It took another 2.5 hours to get a doctors letter, sick certificate and tablets to replace the drips. I finally left the hospital at 5:45, 15 minutes from tummy jab time and at 6:15 I opened my front door.

I can’t praise the staff enough on all the 3 Wards I was on, from the Cleaners and orderlies, tea Lady to the Nurses and Sisters, all were wonderful despite being understaffed and sticking a needle in my Udiyana at 6pm every night, they smiled and encouraged and got me through some emotionally difficult days and nights. It’s the NHS management that needs sorting out, not the caring staff.

Sleep tonight in my own bed, nobody is going to wake me at midnight and 6am to stick a needle in me, a drip or measure the vital statistics

Still captive

January 27, 2011

Well I’m still in Hospital, I had high hopes of escaping home today but it just hasn’t happened. But it’s for my own good, I had an annoying infection last night which meant a crap night which was also interrupted by drip changes. Midnight drip I ended up sharing my caramel egg stash with the Nurses, midnight feast LOL

This morning I was more comfortable and thought the Doctors round would get me out, but they never visited, apparently I have to wait and see the specialist Orthopedic team and they never showed up.

The Physiotherapist did show up, she tested the movement and mobility in my wrist and hand, I have about 80% of usual movement, but the ends of my fingers still lack much feeling. It could be a while before my next Downward dog, I made the mistake of pushing into the mattress with both hands to change position and pain shot up my arm.

This afternoon I have been back on the drip and swallowing pain killers. At 5:30pm they said I’m staying at least one more night. Alas being here at 6pm means up with the T-shirt for the dreaded tummy jab, owwwweeee , they havn’t got any easier to endure.

I need some sleep, night night

At last soon be home

January 26, 2011

A virtual sleepless night, anxious, nervous. Nil by mouth from midnight, woken at 6am for a new drip and then a massive 8 hour fluid drip to stop me getting quite so dehydrated as I waited for my operation.

It turned out I was cancelled last night in favour of a stabbing and a road accident, I was mentally prepared for another long day waiting for my turn. I went back to sleep, but at just after 8am I was woken by the Anetheatist, unlike last night this one was far more detailed in her questions and she explained the whole procedure, what would happen and why. I asked her how long I would be waiting, her reply “you are first!”.

Finally around 9:30 they came for me, My bed wheeled up to the Theatre, transferred to the slab , wired up to monitors, chatting to the staff, no needles they used my IV suddenly it was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I was dreaming about someone delivering a huge Pizza, god knows why as I don’t really like them. Someone calling my name in the distance. It was 12:15 my Nurse was repeating my name over and over, eventually my eyes opened, I was in and out for another 30 minutes until I sat up. Mo the tea lady true to her word waiting with a cup of tea for me.

3 cups later I was conscious of my surroundings realising I had woken up back in my bed in my room, still attached to my drip and with an enormous bandage over the Alien right arm.

Star Tea lady Mo heated the Pain au Raisin my Mum had left me, would you believe the kitchen had sent me a roast dinner.

They said I did ok, I wasn’t sick, it had just taken them a long time to wake me. I have a shaved left leg? Turns out that was in case it went wrong and they had to “shock” me.

Apart from a visit from my parents I have slept the afternoon, I’m still a bit groggy and wobbly on my feet, anaesthetic still having an effect, my arm discomfort controlled by painkillers as I have come back to life.

It’s been an unbelievable week since I went to the GP and tomorrow a week since I first went to A&E, expecting to have treatment and be sent home.

Rumour has it I’m going home tomorrow, first tentative steps on the road to recovery, Kino in March the incentive to get there.

27 hours for nothing

January 25, 2011

Things have not gone to plan. After being woken at 6am from the best sleep in a week, a cup of tea and the first drip of the day. 6:10am they put up the Nil by Mouth sign. A very long day of watching the clock go round interspersed with changes of drip. At 5:30, nearly 12 after the NBM sign went up the Aneasthetist came round to go through her checklist and explain what would happen. The only problem is nothing happened. By 8pm I had a splitting headache from dehydration, so they gave me IV paracetamol, then hooked the normal drip back up. At 9:30pm they told me I’m cancelled. So 27 hours after my last meal and 16 hours after the last drink, I’m trying not to pig, because I’m fucking Nil by Mouth from midnight!

I’m shattered emotionally and physically, I would cry but I can’t spare the liquid.

Just waiting for the tummy jab, that will just about put the lid on a shit day, but maybe she’ll take pity and let me off that agony

Day something, but 2 many needles!

January 24, 2011

well when I got here on Thursday it was supposed to be 2 or 3 days on the drip then home. So day 5 I’m still here. A relative lay in until 05:55 when I was woken for the first drip of the day. I am given breakfast so not totally surprised when the Doctors do their rounds to be told they are going to operate, but not until tomorrow, the list is too long today. Oh well bangers and mash for lunch followed by a caramel egg dessert to try and bulk up my needle sore tummy.

Got a WTF out of the Staff Nurse when I managed to do a bed assisted LBH!

After the afternoon drip I am told I am being transferred to another ward ready for tomorrow, first I have to have yet another blood test in my poor right arm, then a few minutes later they came to give me a new canula in the left, they could have saved me some pain if they had done them together, double ouch…

Well not just a new ward but my own little room with TV and ensuite facilities, maybe I will finally get a nights sleep. New staff, just as friendly as the last lot, though alas not as adept as SN Shireen at reducing the pain when giving the 6pm Udiyana anti clot tummy injection, at least she did it the other side but OMG back to square one tensing, that really hurt, which proves that one caramel egg didn’t have any effect!

Just praying I’m too out of it to blog tomorrow NBM here we go

More tales from the IV drip

January 23, 2011

im tired, all through the night stuff was going on and the lights were blazing, if I got more than 1 hours sleep at a time it was a miracle and when eventually I managed to nod off at 5:30am they woke me up for the first of the days drips. Unbeknown my Alien arm had been leaking all night, so I was a right state. And non too pleased as I watched my usual Shala bound train go past on time for a change. My Shala pals good wishes via email, facebook, twitter and text cheered me up though.

Doctors visit after breakfast more excruciating prodding and squeezing, but now it’s softening and oozing they are coming back to the surgery plan, possibly as soon as tomorrow. Plan A is full anaesthetic to wash it out, Plan B is a local then needles, personally I’m veering towards being out for the count!

Visit from my parents this afternoon, newspaper and a Pain au raisin, not quite like having one after practice on a Sunday, but I have to accept my practice is different for a while. I can’t believe how knackered I am doing nothing all day!

Tea time sandwiches along with a bag of Frazzles, taken from my “box file”.

Nurse Shireen comes at 6:15 with painkillers and that scary udiyana tummy needle, she has a better technique, though no time to settle and relax, up with my t-shirt and ouch! She says it hurts not so much because I tense up, though I did, It’s the fact that the needle needs to go into fat and those 30 x Navasana I do every week mean unlike most of the UK population she struggled to find enough depth of fat for her needle! It wasn’t as painful which says more for her technique ( a good pinch of skin), than my relaxation technique. Back attached to my drip and more at midnight and 6am, then it’s operation decision time. At least if they do it I will be guaranteed some sleep at last

Dripasana day 3

January 22, 2011

i seem to have got to a stage of permanent tiredness, I never seem to get more than 2 hours sleep without some interruption or other. It started at 5:30am when I was nicely asleep to be woken for my next double drip session. The fluid is so cold you can’t turn over once it’s been attached.

Oh well may as well check my e-mail I thought and things took a turn for the better when I found a “get well” message from Kino.

Doctor again decided no Op after she had painfully squeezed and prodded the infected wrist, was I glad of the painkillers that came after. They are going to continue with the IV, suits me as it doesn’t piss my stomach off .

After breakfast more blood tests, it seems the infection level isn’t going down as much as they hoped this possibly means a change of antibiotic and possibly another week in here. The infection is very sore, the nurse asked if I was tempted to pick it, told her I don’t want to even brush it!

Got a visit from work colleague and direct Boss this afternoon, well the company can’t say they havnt seen the evidence as I lay there oozing puss attached to 2 drips, but they did bring some of my favourite cake and some caramel eggs hidden in a file! Hopefully the dietician won’t find my secret stash!

After dinner I’m back hooked up to the drip, my Pacmen marching down the tube to do battle with the evil infection. I’m nervously waiting for my injection, a nursing friend told me yesterdays painful needle in the tummy experience is going to be a painful daily occurrence while I’m in here. I know it’s for my own good, but it’s mentally challenging like a dropback though the same yippee feeling when it’s over.

Moved upstairs

January 21, 2011

well day 2 on the NHS has been a mixture. Just after midnight they moved me to an orthopedic ward as they said I needed to have the thing on my forearm operated on. So Nil by Mouth and more tests eventually ending at 1:30am with a needle in my finger to test blood sugar, good job I left the maple sugar sweeties at home 🙂

This morning head honcho surgeon decides a second night of no sleep on the IV drips is called for in the hope that surgery cam be avoided. Breakfast then arrives. I am allowed a shower but disaster strikes as I manage to pull out the IV canula spraying blood over the nice White towel, oops. They eventually replaced that with a new one in another vein, ow eek ouch. I am also strapped into a Bradford sling to keep the arm raised, so doing anything is a nightmare with the other arm full of needles. Eventually left in peace for a few hours, it’s been sunny and I have a window bed which meant I was in danger of getting a better sun tan than I did in Sri Lanka! They have dressed my legs in tights for anti clotting, very chic not! I am allowed lunch, chicken and mash, thank god for last nights Battenburg delivery by my sis!

Afternoon brightened by a visit from my parents, Guruji book, granola bars and juice. Tea was a sandwich , the drinks lady is trained, she doesn’t bother asking she just delivers me tea.

After tea the most painful 15 seconds since I got here , an injection by very sharp needle directly into my stomach, it hurt so much I couldn’t even swear. It was all I could do to stay still for the Nurse administering it. She said I was so tense it was making the area harden. Injectionasana what is that 8th series.

Tomorrow we start the whole process again, will they won’t they operate?

At least up here on level 5 the 3G reception is excellent 🙂

Yellow 29

January 20, 2011

yellow 29 is the name of my hospital bed in the Acute ward. After visiting the GP last night and swallowing more tablets than I have probably done in the last 10 years I expected to wake up this morning to see the redness within my black marker pen circle to have gone down, some hope I was obviously expecting too much. The GP told me if the pain got worse or the redness and swelling escaped beyond the marker pen to go to A&E. This afternoon the swelling went mad, breaking the skin, red tracks started appearing and I decided it was time for the hospital. Just over an hours wait to be seen, not bad, really nice South African Doctor decided best action was to anaesthetise it and cut it open, shit that hurt. At this point he told me you are staying in for 2 or 3 days to have intravenous antibiotics. So the right wrist is sliced open and the left has a drip canula needle permanently inserted for the duration, what a state I’m in! After 2 antibiotic doses in A&E they have moved me to the Acute ward, bed 29 which is electric, I can lift my back and legs at the press of a button. I have had my blood pressure taken 4 times so far too and they just changed the dressing for the 3rd time. My Mum and Sister just came with a few supplies, I never expected to be staying for days on end, tomorrow will be my first sickie in over 10 years. But of course the thing that annoys me most is missing my precious, joyful yoga practice over the weekend, no croissants and post practice pot of tea for me this Sunday.

10pm just been told I am “Nil by mouth”, they want to clean it out under anaesthetic tomorrow, so looks like it could be a while before I crack standing up.