Losing what I gained

Almost a week since I got back home from the heat and humidity of Sri Lanka. I have done one Shala practice and 3 full practices at home, but despite trying to keep the consistency I seem to have lost the oh so hard fought for Pasasana bind on the second side, the lack of heat and humidity are a factor, but also my mother’s seeming mission to fatten me up. She prodded me the other day and hit a rib, I have never been fat, but as someone commented in Sri Lanka there is no spare on me! I have been back to getting home to a dinners with afters (Cake in my case), eating far more than I was doing for 17 days in Sri Lanka.

Practice has been a bit erratic, my backbends had gone off in Sri Lanka, just as my Pasasana bind had arrived. All the extra dropbacks I did at the Shala on Sunday seem to have had the effect of stiffening my back up, rather than opening it out as I had hoped. Wednesday night I crashed a dropback hard on to my shoulder, everything about it was wrong, but I was too far gone to be able to save myself. I have barely broken sweat since I got home, its winter here and feels like it both outdoors and inside. I am craving the heat and humidity, the openness my body felt and the mental space that made the focus easy to find. Alas all those things are hard to find back home, especially the mental space, the constant threat of some interuption or another, its impossible to be mentally alone with my practice.

Double Shala weekend, first in a while since all those annoying Sunday Moondays we had before Christmas, I just hope the threatened snow does not materialise until after I get into the city. I want a hot sweaty practice or two.


2 Responses to “Losing what I gained”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    Welcome to my world Kev! Seriously, you know this happens for a while. Enjoy the cake and know that it’s temporary. A friend sent me some goodies from Betty’s in Yorkshire so I’m trying to pace myself as I try to rid myself of the rib insulation that I’ve gained. It’s winter, it’s not easy right now! Would a space heater help you get your practice space a bit warmer?

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Pat,

    I do enjoy a slice of cake for afters, never have liked puddings as such, but extra roast potatoes seem to be arriving on my plate as well. Trouble is winter makes you eat warm stodgy stuff.

    I actually practice about 18 inches from the radiator. It’s a different kind of heat in the tropics where its humid, the same temperature at home doesn’t have the same body opening effects.

    I hope Cary & Michaela have the Shala heating cranked up over the weekend

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