Softness & headache yoga

A manic weekend, thanks to TFL a circuitous route to The Lifecentre yesterday, meant getting up extra early, though I arrived earlier than I expeted at the Shala. P standing in for Michaela and just 6 people practising, I was still the first to start and the last to leave though, practice does expand in to the time available! Pleased to say the heating had been on and a nice sweaty practice ensued, lots of assistance with so few students, it seems to stop me withdrawing into my own little world  quite so much. I like Philippa’s assists, they are quite firm, but feel safe. The first assist in Janu C since I can’t actually remember when, I was worried about my knee, but she seemed to know how far to go. After that I decided to push less, so when the Mari B assist came I just tried to release the tension and go with her weight and what do you know a much deeper, but less stressed posture. She usually leaves me to own own devices with Kurmasana and Supta K as she knows I can do it, but she’s usually around for the Dwi Pada exit, she came and adjusted my LBH then I lifted up, usually she stays there so I can do Hands in prayer seated version and that’s what I expected, but she thought I could do it on my own and we both realised to much laughter and backward rolling that perhaps I’m not quite there yet! I am gradually getting back the second side of Pasasana, P easily bound both sides. My lower back or more precisely that niggling sciatic piriformis thing has really been painful the last 10 days or so, I did my UD’s then stood up and started doing hangbacks, but I think from outside it looked all wrong and potentially damaging, so P came and did some very gentle assisted dropbacks with me.

After practice it was time for a quick lunch before heading to Covent Garden to run the travel club, via a detour to the New Apple store, to ogle all the nice toys in there and play on the Ipad. OMG I was so tempted to hand over my credit card, but people said wait until the new one comes out with a webcam for skype. I think the only way I am ever going to stand up from backbend is to give myself an incentive, so I reckon a version 2 Ipad will be my prize when it happens, though at my current rate of progress or rather lack off they could be on to version 4 or 5 by the time it happens, if it ever does!

I stayed in London at the B&B last night, a good job as I didn’t realise my late running train option 2 yoga of AYL was closed today, until V turned up at YP. A bit of a strange practice, I woke up with a splitting headache and it still hasn’t really gone away all day, I had to stop every once in a while to let the pain in my left eye pass, which slowed down my practice.

At least I got to yoga without running and had a nice steady 2 hour practice, much less assistance today, a tweak here and there, a shoulder killing Prasarita C assist. I managed to bind Mari D today, my knee wasn’t grumbling as much as yesterday and I got my forhead to the floor in Baddha Konasana and even balanced reasonably well on my bum in the Ubhya and UMP. And so to Pasasana, no assist today, but I could “feel” I was being observed, first side finger touch, second side on the second attempt fingers just about getting it together, can I have an Ipad for that?

It took 3 Urdva Dhanurasana’s before I got one I was happy with, so I did a couple more before standing up for dropbacks. Unlike Philippa our Cary expects me to do it on my own before she comes anywhere near. My back felt a bit better than yesterday so I decided to take it slowly and do some hangbacks until I could see a reasonable amount of the mat before going for a full drop, first one was iffy but at least I didn’t add to the splitting headache I already had, then I managed a few on my own, though my niggling back seems to be preventing me walking my hands in as much and deepening the bend. Then C turns up, she has this way of appearing and I dropback on my own, walk in and she helps me up “Head last” she reminded me on the first one, after that they were ok, the last one as usual its walk the hands in “ a bit more, a bit more, don’t let them slide back“, it seems to take so little now for her to instigate the standing up, why oh why can’t I crack this on my own? The days when it used to feel like teachers were dragging me back to standing are a distant memory.

Closing was where my headache caught up with me, shoulderstand sequence was ok, but in Matsyasana I got really dizzy and nauseus, the room was moving, so I closed my eyes, doing Uttana with still closed eyes had the effect of staving off the dizzyness. I thought about omitting Sirsasana, but decided to go up and come down fast if I had to, but surprisingly that was fine. I still had time for a 10 minute Savasana.

The perfect antidote was obviously to go for yogi breakfast, a couple of sweet croissants and a pot of tea,maybe the headache was down to dehydration and needing some sugar. And some good company, yogi breakfasts are a truly wonderful invention.


2 Responses to “Softness & headache yoga”

  1. Pat Moore Says:

    Sounds like a really nice weekend!

  2. Globie Says:

    Hi Pat

    It was, need more like it

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