The kindness of yogi’s


It’s been pretty well a perfect day, the train came on time even if we did end up being late, but after a bit of a sprint at Bank I made it onto my mat at YP by 8:15. It felt like everyone was back from the holidays today, Susan back from her trip home on the next mat and a few others I havn’t seen in a while. It’s strangely comforting when everyone is in their place.

A nice sweaty fairly quick practice, a hot Shala makes for a much more energetic practice, much more flow, much less faff, more breathing, less thinking! Not much tweaking in standing, Cary seems to have toned down the shoulder killing PPC assist, though its still pretty intense when you only get it once a week. Seated Cary seems to be back on the mission of what my feet are doing in the forward bends, ok they no longer just get to hang out, but the balls of my feet seem to have minds of their own and find it impossible to do what she is asking. A deep squishing in Mari A, but left alone from then through to Urdva Mukha Paschimottanasana, by which time C had an assistant, a really nice assist in UMP from Suyen, really allowed me to lengthen and find the balance πŸ™‚

Of course nowadays after seated the hard work starts, Pasasana was fun today, finger touch on side one, then a bind on side 2 with assistance to keep my balance, felt great to do that, a quiet little “yes” and punch of the air, but obviously not quiet enough as my mat neighbour laughed!

4 dropbacks on my own, though without the graduations of bolsters and blocks I wasn’t anywhere near coming back up, this really is my homework now, where I have the time to play around at getting the rocking action and working out what to engage when. Assisted ones are only assisted on the way back up these days, knowing intervention isn’t going to come makes me keep the focus all the way to the bottom, though I was starting to run out of energy, but once Cary starts me coming back up I have a level of control now to come up slowly, head last, no dizzyness.

One good thing about having an assistant helping is that you get the little back manipulation in Balasana after Headstand, Suyen has a gift for this, it was soooooooooooo nice πŸ™‚

After practice yogi breakfast, I know I’ve said it before but yogi’s are such nice people to hang out with before that return to what passes for normal life. 7 of us today, including visitors from Dublin and Liverpool. If the world was run by yogi’s wouldn’t the world be a better place. Maybe we should start the Yoga Party.

The kindness of yogi’s comes in many shapes and forms, today as well as sharing the great company during practice and after, it came when Susan opened her bag to produce presents, a lovely Ganesh who is going to help remove my mental obstacles, he could be busy! And from Kai a lovely Hanuman who brings many qualities including strength and dedication. Both will be nearby over the coming months as my world gets turned upsidedown.

Heaven though is Maple sugar candy πŸ™‚ Thanks Susan..



5 Responses to “The kindness of yogi’s”

  1. susananda Says:

    My pleasure! Pace yourself with them : )

    Why don’t you try standing up from blocks on a blanket at YP??

  2. Pat Moore Says:

    Glad to hear the gang is back together. Yoga Party – we certainly need it here. Nice dream but it will not happen (in this country) until the current Yuga has ended.

  3. Globie Says:

    OMG they are so nice, I wonder if Amazon do them.

    Lack of time at YP, backbend routine at home takes 30 minutes usually working my way down to the Bolster and then the blocks after normal dropbacks. I had 4 dropbacks then Cary came and you can’t really stand up and do more after Paschimot squish .

    Pat, the good people have to rise to the top eventually. Kino 4 President!

  4. Daydreamingmel Says:

    How can you say everyone was there when I was away??!! πŸ˜‰

  5. Globie Says:

    Ah Mel you were already back last week, though we missed your company at breakfast.

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