Dripasana day 3

i seem to have got to a stage of permanent tiredness, I never seem to get more than 2 hours sleep without some interruption or other. It started at 5:30am when I was nicely asleep to be woken for my next double drip session. The fluid is so cold you can’t turn over once it’s been attached.

Oh well may as well check my e-mail I thought and things took a turn for the better when I found a “get well” message from Kino.

Doctor again decided no Op after she had painfully squeezed and prodded the infected wrist, was I glad of the painkillers that came after. They are going to continue with the IV, suits me as it doesn’t piss my stomach off .

After breakfast more blood tests, it seems the infection level isn’t going down as much as they hoped this possibly means a change of antibiotic and possibly another week in here. The infection is very sore, the nurse asked if I was tempted to pick it, told her I don’t want to even brush it!

Got a visit from work colleague and direct Boss this afternoon, well the company can’t say they havnt seen the evidence as I lay there oozing puss attached to 2 drips, but they did bring some of my favourite cake and some caramel eggs hidden in a file! Hopefully the dietician won’t find my secret stash!

After dinner I’m back hooked up to the drip, my Pacmen marching down the tube to do battle with the evil infection. I’m nervously waiting for my injection, a nursing friend told me yesterdays painful needle in the tummy experience is going to be a painful daily occurrence while I’m in here. I know it’s for my own good, but it’s mentally challenging like a dropback though the same yippee feeling when it’s over.


8 Responses to “Dripasana day 3”

  1. Kristi Says:

    *wocka wocka wocka* That’s the sound of the Pacmen eating the infection!

    At least you have caramel eggs. That’s something.

  2. Kai Says:

    Coworkers smuggling in caramel eggs? 🙂 You’re awesome! Hope the infection clears quickly. I think the stomach shots are a tad bit scarier than drop backs. *shudder*

  3. susananda Says:

    That was sweet of Kino. I hate to say it Kev, but Karen was right on FB… sugar helps infection, try to save your hoard for when the levels have gone down, sorry!!!

    Hang in there. We’ll miss you at breakfast.

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Kristi. So that’s what the wocka noise is LOL

    Kai the infection is showing no sign of abating. Yes dropbacks won’t be scary now, the 6pm stomach shot is not to be recommended
    Hi Susan I watched the train go by out the window, so wish I was on it. Have a croissant for me I will try and resist my hoard


  5. Ragdoll Says:

    As a psychologist I have to say that the you have to balance the effect the eggs have on your mood with the effect they have on the infection . . . !

    It also bugs me that the one place where you know everyone needs a really good night’s sleep is the one place where it’s hardest to achieve. I don’t blame the NHS (the only solution would be individual rooms for every patient and staff trained to make their rounds in ninja silence) but it’s very frustrating for a patient who, by definition, is already feeling pretty rotten.

    Fingers crossed you find a (mental or physical) trick to make the injection a little less traumatic each day.

  6. globie Says:

    Hi Rosie
    The eggs would brighten things. This is like yoga 2 steps forward then one back. Never in yoga have I been as mentally present as I am with the nightly jab. I go through the day like I go through practice mentally jmping ahead to backbends and the 6pm jab in the tummy. I need to find a way to relax more when she does it, I tense up and that makes it worse

  7. susananda Says:

    Well then you can practice not tensing up your belly, and guess what… THAT WILL REALLY HELP WITH YOUR BACKBENDS!!! 🙂

    Seriously, learning to release those muscles will make backbends deeper and more comfortable, and breathing much easier in dropbacks (though you also have to engage the abdomen there… but without tensing it). Really focus on it… you can do it, just consciously breathe *without any stopping or holding the breath*, and let your belly relax. If you can learn to do it, you’ll have picked up something important for your practice despite any setbacks you incur.

    I hope it’s not irritating looking for the silver lining. We missed you today and everyone is very concerned about you. I did have an almond croissant for you especially 🙂

    Hang in there!!!

  8. globie Says:

    Hi Susan it’s incredibly difficult not to tense, the initial jab stings but as it goes in further it’s really painful, tensing is automatic. Udiyana Bandha injection, there must be a way to regain control. Silver lining would be good . I hope you enjoyed the croissant. So nice if you all to be thinking of me. It’s another night of the will they won’t they operate thoughts.

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