More tales from the IV drip

im tired, all through the night stuff was going on and the lights were blazing, if I got more than 1 hours sleep at a time it was a miracle and when eventually I managed to nod off at 5:30am they woke me up for the first of the days drips. Unbeknown my Alien arm had been leaking all night, so I was a right state. And non too pleased as I watched my usual Shala bound train go past on time for a change. My Shala pals good wishes via email, facebook, twitter and text cheered me up though.

Doctors visit after breakfast more excruciating prodding and squeezing, but now it’s softening and oozing they are coming back to the surgery plan, possibly as soon as tomorrow. Plan A is full anaesthetic to wash it out, Plan B is a local then needles, personally I’m veering towards being out for the count!

Visit from my parents this afternoon, newspaper and a Pain au raisin, not quite like having one after practice on a Sunday, but I have to accept my practice is different for a while. I can’t believe how knackered I am doing nothing all day!

Tea time sandwiches along with a bag of Frazzles, taken from my “box file”.

Nurse Shireen comes at 6:15 with painkillers and that scary udiyana tummy needle, she has a better technique, though no time to settle and relax, up with my t-shirt and ouch! She says it hurts not so much because I tense up, though I did, It’s the fact that the needle needs to go into fat and those 30 x Navasana I do every week mean unlike most of the UK population she struggled to find enough depth of fat for her needle! It wasn’t as painful which says more for her technique ( a good pinch of skin), than my relaxation technique. Back attached to my drip and more at midnight and 6am, then it’s operation decision time. At least if they do it I will be guaranteed some sleep at last


5 Responses to “More tales from the IV drip”

  1. Kai Says:

    Aw, Kevin – sorry to hear it might be surgery for you. But I think it’s awesome that your abdominal muscles are SO toned, they’re actually ‘tummy shot resistant’. I’m sure there were times when you wondered why, oh why, were you doing all those Navasana. Now you know!

    Get lots of rest and take care! I dedicated my mediocre, sweaty ‘hot yoga’ practice this morning to your quick recovery. All that sweat should be worth something!

  2. Loo Says:

    so do they not know what the hell that thing on your arm is?? this is alarming!

  3. Pat Says:

    For what it’s worth, even though it is not fun being awake through surgery, going with a local means there is less than can go wrong and less for your body to recuperate from. Just a thought. They don’t always disclose that minor detail in this country. I hope they’re more open there. And you can always use some of my abdominal fat 😉

  4. globie Says:

    Hello Kai thank you for dedicating your practice, it’s great having so much support from the shala. Navasana abdominals all very well but I reckon if I ate more caramel eggs the injection wouldn’t hurt as much!
    Loo they have tested what’s coming out but sit no idea what started it

  5. globie Says:

    Hi Pat, I guess in the end it won’t be my decision, but its so sore now that I can’t imagine having it done under a local, they cut it open on Thursday in A&E under local and that wasn’t an experience I want to repeat.

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