Day something, but 2 many needles!

well when I got here on Thursday it was supposed to be 2 or 3 days on the drip then home. So day 5 I’m still here. A relative lay in until 05:55 when I was woken for the first drip of the day. I am given breakfast so not totally surprised when the Doctors do their rounds to be told they are going to operate, but not until tomorrow, the list is too long today. Oh well bangers and mash for lunch followed by a caramel egg dessert to try and bulk up my needle sore tummy.

Got a WTF out of the Staff Nurse when I managed to do a bed assisted LBH!

After the afternoon drip I am told I am being transferred to another ward ready for tomorrow, first I have to have yet another blood test in my poor right arm, then a few minutes later they came to give me a new canula in the left, they could have saved me some pain if they had done them together, double ouch…

Well not just a new ward but my own little room with TV and ensuite facilities, maybe I will finally get a nights sleep. New staff, just as friendly as the last lot, though alas not as adept as SN Shireen at reducing the pain when giving the 6pm Udiyana anti clot tummy injection, at least she did it the other side but OMG back to square one tensing, that really hurt, which proves that one caramel egg didn’t have any effect!

Just praying I’m too out of it to blog tomorrow NBM here we go

17 Responses to “Day something, but 2 many needles!”

  1. grimmly Says:

    All the best for tomorrow Kevin

  2. susananda Says:

    Good luck!!!

  3. globie Says:

    Thanks Susan

  4. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin, Hope everything goes well tomorrow and you get a good nights sleep tonight.

  5. susiegb Says:

    Good luck – I’m sure it’ll go fine and this whole ‘event’ will all fade to a faintly lurid dream in the not too distant future … 🙂

  6. globie Says:

    Hi Helen, just woken from best nights sleep in nearly a week 🙂 Just praying rest of the day goes to plan. I almost bought a ticket for C de S for this Thursday after you said how good it was, just as well I didn’t

  7. Helen Says:

    Hi Kevin, great a good nights sleep will do you the world of good. Maybe you can go and see cirque du soleil when your free. ;-). I booked to come to kino in march.

  8. globie Says:

    Hi Helen
    Nervously waiting to be taken to Theatre now. Hope I’m well enough to see Cirque de Soleil before it’s run ends. That’s great news about Kino in March

  9. V Says:

    Good luck Kevin!

  10. globie Says:

    Thanks V, hope it’s not too long until I see you again

  11. V Says:

    R is giving a series of workshops on history of yoga a the shala, starting this Sunday at 12, donation based. If you are out and feeling well you might be interested?

  12. globie Says:

    Thanks V, would love to come if I can but don’t think I will be ready for the world this Sunday. Are they every Sunday or once a month? Thanks for giving me something to look forward to

  13. Maria Says:

    Best of luck today kevin – get well soon!!!

  14. V Says:

    Three consecutive Sundays I think, but let me check and confirm.

  15. Skippetty Says:

    Hope it went well today! Big hugs! xxx

  16. roselil Says:

    Best wishes!

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