At last soon be home

A virtual sleepless night, anxious, nervous. Nil by mouth from midnight, woken at 6am for a new drip and then a massive 8 hour fluid drip to stop me getting quite so dehydrated as I waited for my operation.

It turned out I was cancelled last night in favour of a stabbing and a road accident, I was mentally prepared for another long day waiting for my turn. I went back to sleep, but at just after 8am I was woken by the Anetheatist, unlike last night this one was far more detailed in her questions and she explained the whole procedure, what would happen and why. I asked her how long I would be waiting, her reply “you are first!”.

Finally around 9:30 they came for me, My bed wheeled up to the Theatre, transferred to the slab , wired up to monitors, chatting to the staff, no needles they used my IV suddenly it was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I was dreaming about someone delivering a huge Pizza, god knows why as I don’t really like them. Someone calling my name in the distance. It was 12:15 my Nurse was repeating my name over and over, eventually my eyes opened, I was in and out for another 30 minutes until I sat up. Mo the tea lady true to her word waiting with a cup of tea for me.

3 cups later I was conscious of my surroundings realising I had woken up back in my bed in my room, still attached to my drip and with an enormous bandage over the Alien right arm.

Star Tea lady Mo heated the Pain au Raisin my Mum had left me, would you believe the kitchen had sent me a roast dinner.

They said I did ok, I wasn’t sick, it had just taken them a long time to wake me. I have a shaved left leg? Turns out that was in case it went wrong and they had to “shock” me.

Apart from a visit from my parents I have slept the afternoon, I’m still a bit groggy and wobbly on my feet, anaesthetic still having an effect, my arm discomfort controlled by painkillers as I have come back to life.

It’s been an unbelievable week since I went to the GP and tomorrow a week since I first went to A&E, expecting to have treatment and be sent home.

Rumour has it I’m going home tomorrow, first tentative steps on the road to recovery, Kino in March the incentive to get there.


6 Responses to “At last soon be home”

  1. StEvE Says:

    Excellent, Kevin, it sounds like you are almost out of the woods now. What was the prognosis in the end? Did something bite you in Sri Lanka, or did it relate in anyway to the wrist pains that you’ve suffered intermittently over several months?

    The pizza dream made me chuckle. Definitely emanates from those awful photos.

    Time to start dreaming up those modified practices designed to help you stay open, and get oxygenated blood to that healing injury. Good luck!

  2. susiegb Says:

    So glad you’re on the road to recovery Kevin! Just remember your fitness level will have dropped a lot, so don’t be too disappointed when you finally get to practice again! It will come back … 🙂

  3. Loo Says:

    I am so curious about what that was on your arm! Sri Lanka? could it have been a parasite? Anyway, happy you are over the worst. Be patient with the anesthesia, it takes time to get over being put completely under.

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Steve, nothing to do with the wrist, that is the left one & still not completely resolved. Basically it was an infection I was already carrying that decided to jump inside a tiny spot on my arm and the rest is history, though it took them until Monday to work it out & put me on the right drugs.

    Hi Susie, I know how far fitness has gone, I did a janu A and realised how tight everything has become, it’s already 10 days since my last full practice.

    I havnt spoken to a Doctor yet, they just let me rest, so until I find out what they did and how they want me to treat it once home I don’t know what form practice will take. If there are any teachers out there with advice about how to restart my practice after an episode like this I would love to hear from you. I have lost some weight and fitness and it doesn’t take much to tire me.

  5. Pat Moore Says:

    I’m sure you’re happy to have that bit done! Hopefully, they didn’t have to excise too much. But once you get back on the mat, if you are patient with yourself, your recovery will astonish the docs! Kino will certainly understand. Get well soon!

  6. Arturo Says:

    Dear Kev
    I’m glad everything went well. I misunderstood your previous post thinking that you were not responding to treatment as the reason they didn’t operate on you yesterday. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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