Baby steps

Since finally getting home on Friday night I have been taking it very easy. I have lost weight, energy, strength and stamina after effectively spending 10 days on my back. Psychologically I am feeling much better, but physically I am still tired and I have no appetite, the infection, drugs and surgery have obviously taken a lot out of me. I know its going to take time, the healing needed alone  just from the surgery is quite extensive.

Ashtangis just can’t stay still, the urge to stretch finally became too great yesterday and I started to try some postures. I can’t warm up that well because Surya’s are impossible with not being able to put weight into my hands. So basically I just did the first standing pose and carried on from there. I was quite surprised to find that I havn’t lost as much flexibility as I feared, easily grabbing my toe in Trikonasana. The first slight hitch was Prasarita C when I pitched forward and nearly nutted the radiator! I realised I am not quite steady yet so skipped the standing balances. Seated are a vinyasa free zone, I have to miss out poses like Purvottanasana, Bhuja and lowering into Supta K, where my wrist would get mightily annoyed. I cant really bind the Marichyasanas, as I cant pull the hands together. Navasana was actually ok, though I’m sure I could hear air coming out of all those injection holes in my stomach! I was doing Baddha Konasana when I was bed bound, so seem to have lost nothing with that one, though I’m doing it stretching the hands forward rather than holding the toes. I have lost so much weight I decided to try Pasasana just for fun, despite a lack of twist I can still finger touch! No backbends or inversions just yet, in case the world clouds over and it all goes wrong, but Savasana in the sun.

The same again today, though a bit interupted by the Postman and calls from the District Nurse about I need to do with the dressing.

So baby steps, but it just felt soooooo good to stretch and breathe, I need to build up slowly and not get too ambitious, Helen and Flo sent me some good advice on how to start.

I have been missing all the action, I slept through a drunk driver taking out a parked car, followed by 4 Cop cars and a dog handler chasing them after the perp legged it down the road. I have also missed a shop in the town and the flats above collapsing into the street, luckily no injuries as it was empty, but the High Street is now closed and what’s left looks like it could come down anytime.


2 Responses to “Baby steps”

  1. Pat Says:

    Do take your time in the beginning. It will get better. Remember what they say: if you’re breathing, cultivating the bandhas and the drishti then you’re doing yoga. The other bits will follow when they’re ready. One of my teachers came up with a non-weight bearing Surya sequence, I’ll see if I can find some diagrams for it, but you’re basically doing it standing up the whole time. Welcome back to the mat!

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks Pat
    I’m taking it really slowly and was actually more consccious of the breath and bandhas

    That sequence for Surya without my hands would be great if you have it.

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